Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Heart Tattoos Link-up

I recently became aware of Raven's blog and personally find her hysterical. She's just the type of cool, bad ass, I don't give a f*ck Mom that I hope I will be some day. Between her, Kristen, and Shannon, I think I'm going to be just fine. This girls may think that I just enjoy their witty posts, but I'm really trying to soak up all the good Mama mojo before I pop out any of my own hellions.

Anyway, when Raven started talking about tattoos, I knew it was life at first sight.  True story. And when she said she wanted to do a link up about them, I damn near peed my pants from excitement.

I realize that I haven't talked much about my tattoos on here. To be honest, I have had most of them for so long that I honestly forget about it. True story: Half drunk on New Years, I went to go to the bathroom at J$'s house, and there is a mirror right in front of the toilet. When I stood up I saw my hip tattoo in the mirror and was a little surprised. I had honestly forgotten that it was there. It was like seeing it for the first time! Haha.

Soo... here's the dirt. I have always thought that tattoos should mean something. I was never one to just pick something and slap it on my body. I look at them as a physical scrapbook in my life. Everything means something, represents something.

This was my first tattoo. I got it when I was 17. It is on the bottom of my back. Typical girl tattoo, but I swear I got it long before I ever heard of a tramp stamp. My mom and I went together and she got one too! She's pretty badass like that. It took around 2 hours to do and I remember I was terrified that it was going to be too much pain. BUT... it wasn't too bad. The worst part was the love handles meaty parts on the sides. The moon is made up of a Celtic knot. I'm uber Irish, so the meaning is pretty simple to grasp.

Amy Brown was/is one of my favorite artists. Check her out here. I just always lover her style. So, naturally, I HAD to have one of her pieces inked on me for life. This is the one on my left hip. It hurt like a mother effer. The plan was to get a matching one on the right but in different colors. Never happened. Eh maybe some day.

 A dragonfly on my right ankle. I have always love dragonflies. They are the one "bug" that doesn't make me squirm (well that and ladybugs). It's funny because they always seem to land on me when they are flying around. Call me strange, but there was always a connection. They also symbolize change. And I got this tattoo at a time in my life when I decided that it was time to change. I was self-destructive and in a really dark place. This tattoo brought a little color and light into my world.

This one is on my left ankle. My mom and I got this tattoo together to commemorate the year anniversary of my grandmother passing, my Mimi. My mom gets most of the credit for this one. She designed it. The tattoo artist put his own personal touch on it, but it was mostly her. It was my first grandparent that I lost and her first parent. It was a really hard time for all of us. This was kind of a turning point, at least for me. It helped me remember her and keep her spirit with me, without swelling on the pain that went along with losing her.

This is about the symbol in the middle:     Triple Spiral: As a Celtic symbol for mother and her many aspects, the triple spiral represents the various phases of womanhood, the passing of time, and the unity of these diverse dimensions. This symbol also represents the three phases of woman-ness: Mother in her compassion and nurturing state, Maiden in her innocence and pure state and Crone in her wise and experienced state.

My mom took it to mean, Mother, Daughter, Grandmother. Once she said that, I was sold. You can read more about it here.

Love this tattoo. I consider it a party trick too. I was in love with the book Angels & Demons. Totally fell head first into it. This design is from it. I got it at a time in my life when I was really on the fence about a lot of people. Before, I was too trusting, would let anyone in and mostly got burned. Then I told the world to go eff off. I was sick of everyone. But, I had to remember, everyone has their angels and demons. Some just have more of one that others. The fun part... it is an ambigram. If I flip over, it says the same thing. This one is at the top of my back, below my neck.

And last but not least, the most generic tattoo I have. I was a little upset about this one for awhile. When I got it, not a lot of people had it. And then it spread like wildfire. I was never one to want to blend into the crowd. But... it represented another turning point in my life. This was the last tattoo that I got. I got it done a couple months after I met Big A. I wanted to remember the feeling I had that day. That I had come out of the other end of the woods. Everything was OK now. I was hanging out with a couple of my friends and thinking about how great my life was at that point, and I knew I needed to get something to remember it. I had wanted the stars for awhile, so I figured what better reason. And off I went.

It's been almost 5 years since I have had a tattoo done. Yes, I miss it, but I've really been thinking long and hard about what I want next. I have a few things drawn up, but I'm not set on any placement, so I won't get anything done until I am sure. Hopefully, within the next year I will. I want to get something to commemorate this time in my life. With all of the happiness, excitement, and love that go along with planning a wedding to the man of my dreams. I know I will remember this feeling forever, but I think a tattoo will make it all that much more better!

And there ya go. I know this post was insanely long. But, I couldn't just throw up some pictures and leave it at that. They are so much for to me than that.

As for questions I get about them...I get a lot less now that they are covered up more because I am fat a professional, but the all time most annoying one.... "Did it hurt?"

It's a needle puncturing and dragging through your skin. What do YOU think?

And that's all for today. Thank you Raven for giving me another excuse to talk about myself. Got some ink? Head over to Raven's blog and link up!


  1. hey there!
    New reader/follower from the link up! :)
    also engaged and getting married in 2012!

  2. Your mom sounds awesome. :) How bad did it hurt behind the ear compared to other places?

  3. ok so this was so sweet!!! You had me blushing with the nice words you had to say about me :) Thank you thank you!!! and seriously, someone who forgets they have a tattoo until they see it again is a total badass in my book haha!! I have a dragonfly tattoo that almost looks just like yours! Twinsies? also, love that your mom and you got a tattoo together. Totally cool ;)

  4. The angels and demons tattoo is amazing! Love that it has such a cool meaning for you

  5. Holy crap! You have a lot of tattoos! I think it just adds even more to the bad ass that you are, haha! But I love all of them. I think my fave is the one you got to remember you Grandma. I want to do something like that too and my mom has actually drawn one for me, I just haven't the time or the money to go get it done. Hopefully soon!

  6. Awesome! I also participated in this link-up feel free to check it out here.


    I love seeing these post's, and finding people I can relate to, I love all your tatt's especially the stars! So simple, but cute. I also have a tattoo for my grandmother :)

    Glad I found your blog! Have a great week!


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