Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Night of Too Much Wine While Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters

I know this happened almost a month ago. But between perfecting my Scrooge skills and then the suckiness that followed... this post got lost in the shuffle. To be honest, I kind of felt like a gigantic a-hole talking about my drunken escapades.

However... now that I am returning a little more back to normal and work is being a gigantic boil on my behind... I need my drunken memories to pull me through until the next vacation. Which... may be a million years away since I have to save most of my time for the wedding. Ug.

Anywho. You all know about our Monthly Wine Nights. I have posted many an embarrassing picture from them. Let's just say, that we all get together, make delicious snacks, act like ladies, guzzle wine, forget about snack, forget we are ladies, and then wake up with a hangover. Awesome.

You would think by the age of 26 I would know better. But... since the wedding is quickly approaching, which means that little bambinos are far behind... I feel like my days of drunken debacles are numbered. I mean... I know I can still drink when I have children (ya know... responsibly... I don't plan to have my children grow up with a mother in an alcohol induced coma)... my point is that hangovers suck. And I'm assuming having a tiny human whose voice resembles that as a howler monkey doesn't make it any easier.

But I digress...

J$ was nice enough to host this month. And we made it a Yankee Swap / Ugly Christmas Sweater / Wine Night. It was fun. We all wore our ugliest sweaters (some of us may have spent 2 weeks perfecting theirs) and drank some delicious wine.

We had our Yankee Swap. And everyone enjoyed their presents, so we got to avoid all of that weirdness and hair pulling.
No... none of that.

Aaaand then we took pictures. Enjoy. This night ended with the room spinning, waking up the next morning probably still inebriated... and then an entire day of feeling like a bag of smashed assholes.

Without further ado... here are the pics:

Me, L, and Pickles

Bumping Rumps

All of the ladies. N, Mrs. C (prego), Jackums (prego), Me, J$, Pickles, and L

Our bums.

And then it wasn't long after this that I was driven home. It was a great night. I love my ladies. I think I just need to learn to eat dinner first...

...and maybe not down a bottle and a half of wine (the big bottles... not the regular sized ones... this girl don't mess around... )

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