Thursday, January 19, 2012

Save the Dates

I've been dying to post this FOREVER. But, since I needed to wait for them to actually go out... I had to wait.

Why you say? Because I wanted them to be a surprise.

I imagined each and every friend and family breaking into a little Irish jig when they saw it. Their hearts filled with warmth and love. Slowly counting down the days until they could see us at our wedding.

OK. I'm full of shit. But, I did want to wait until I sent them out. And since a bunch of people have told me they have received them, I figured I'm safe.

So now revealing... OUR SAVE THE DATES...



It reads: "Once in awhile, Right in the Middle of an Ordinary Life... Love Gives Us a Fairytale.
Kayleigh & Alex were engaged on May 12, 2011. After spending four years together, they knew that there was no one else out there for them. They had each found their perfect match. Their "Happily Ever After"
And then it just tells you where to go for the Wedding website for more info.

Ta daaaa! I ended up getting them done by Wedding Paper Divas. I had a crazy coupon code and ended up saving a bunch of money so I pulled the trigger.

I had originally wanted magnets, but I couldn't rationalize the price tag. And we all know that I wanted my skull magnets... but that would have been even more money.

At the end of the day, I had to tell myself that not everything had to be exactly the way I pictured it, because we all know I have expensive taste. So we went with these postcards and I LOVE them. We also saved some good money on stamps too since they were postcards. So YAY!

And yes... I did ask Big A one more time if he was sure before I sent them out. Ya know.. because there is no turning back once you send out Save the Dates. Haha

Welp... there they are. I will have to tell you about my amazing visit with our florist that I had last night. She is a good friend of ours, so the choice was easy, but I'm also so glad that she gets my taste and vision of what I want. I am sooooooo amped to see the flowers. They might just be my favorite part right now.

Alright... enough gabbing about wedding ish. Adios biznatches. Until another day...or I get bored.


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