Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So What! Wednesday


What a beautiful day. Hump day.

If you have made it to Wednesday, you know the finish line is not too far away.

Now... let's discuss what I am saying So What! to this week... shall we? Then I want to hear what YOU are saying So What! to over at Shannon's blog L.A.I.D.

This week, I am saying So What! if...

1. I have .5 seconds this morning to get a whole bunch of ish done before the dreaded monthly staff meeting... and I am using it to blog. SWW is an important part of my life and if someone can't understand that... then whatevs.

2. Raven's tattoo link-up yesterday made me want to get a new tattoo... like... yesterday.

3. I asked Big A if I could use my birthday money to get a tattoo. Free tattoos are the best ( to me...most free tattoos come from skeezy tattoo artists... don't go to them).

4. I have already switched my birthday present from Uggs, to the Xbox Kinect, and now to a tattoo. Obviously I can't make up my mind and Big A finally just gave me a limit and said figure it out. Happy Birthday to meeeee!

5. I have a florist appointment this afternoon. And I know specifically what I want. BUT, I am pretty sure that once again my tastes won't match up with my budget and I will be stuck with ugly flowers. Waaah!

6. I slightly felt like a rockstar yesterday when I saw that over 700 people visited my blog. I know that is par for the course for some of you, but that's a HUGE deal to me. Not that the number of people who read and the number of followers are important...just felt like a little special slice of the internet for awhile. AND I noticed I have a few new followers! Hi New Followers! Feel free to send me a comment/e-mail and introduce yourself so I can know who you are and check out your blog too!

7. I felt a million times better when I learned that Marcy still has two baby teeth as well. AND they are the same teeth that mine are only hers are on the top and I am on the bottom. At least there is another Circus Freak in town! Yay!

8. I need to send out an invitation to a meeting like yesterday, but I am avoiding it for two reasons.
A) There are like 150 people and that's a pain in the ass to create a meeting for.
B) It was accidentally planned for the day after the Super Bowl, so I am trying to give everyone the least amount of time possible to slash my tires. To be fair, I didn't pick the date, BUT I also said it was fine...soooo....yeah. Ug.

9. I finally caved and bought one of those fancy phones and I can't stand it. The thought of being stuck with this phone for two years makes me want to scream. Ug. Impulse Buy: 1 Kayleigh: 0

10. I can't handle sitting in a meeting all day. And today will be no different. 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Ug. Someone push fast forward please. I give myself an hour tops before ADD kicks in and I stop listening.

That's all for today folks. Now get your arses over to Shannon's blog and link up biznatches!

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