Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Oh my GOD!

Can it PLEASE just be Friday?!

No? OK... then let's move on.

Oh Wednesday, my favorite day to bitch & moan.

Linking up with Shannon... AGAIN!

This week I am Saying So What! if...

1. I damn near died on the treadmill last night. I don't think I have ever ran for 3 consecutive minutes in my life...which is kind of pathetic. Day 2 and 3 might be the death of me. And I don't even want to look at next week's running schedule.

2. I honestly thought I might pass out yesterday...but then occupied my time with wondering how long it would take for anyone to find me. It's a small, tiny creepy gym in the bottom floor of my building. I don't know if anyone else goes in there some days. Eek!

3. Mrs. C "finds out" that she is having today, but none of us (including her) will know until the Gender Reveal Party on Saturday and I am thinking of bribing her cake making friend to find out before anyone else. I.MUST.KNOW.NOW!

4. I have now lost any feeling that I could wait to find out what I would be having. I have no patience, why did I ever think it was an option?

5. I am running around like a chicken without a head for the millionth day in a row and it is really wearing on my mood/sleep schedule/energy. I can not wait until February 7th when all of this bullshit is over.

6. I'm meeting JP for coffee today and I am WAY too excited about it. Haven't seen her in FOREVER!!!

7. My sink is full of dirty dishes. We barely have any food left. We are in DESPERATE need of food shopping...aaaaannnddd... couldn't tell ya when I'm going to do it. I lack what you call... "motivation".

8. Due to my whole new "Bringing Sexy Back" attitude, I barely made it through two glasses of wine last night at L's house. In fact, I milked them aaallll night. I don't know who this sober, healthier me is... but she scares me sometimes.

9. I use my time riding in the elevator at work to check myself out in the mirror. There is a spot in the corner that makes you look waaaay skinner than you really are. We are best friends. Me and that spot. I reeaaalllly hope there is no hidden camera in there.

10. I have like 3-5 posts written that I just can't find the time to post. I know... tough problems. They are coming soon... I promise. A post about the bridesmaid dresses, I think one about the flowers, a link-up with "Becky" for next week, and a post that I got tagged for (I promise that one will be tomorrow Megan... I wanted to give it it's own day since it is my FIRST!), and then some more bullshit that you may or may not care about.

That is all my lovelies. Now get your asses over to Shannon's blog and link up bitches!


  1. I don't know how people wait to find out the gender of their babies! I would be going absolutely nuts! My sister in law is pregnant again and she goes to the doctor for the first time tomorrow and I really wish that they already knew what it was because it is killing me! Haha! No worries on your post. Take your time!

  2. I am sooooooooooooooooooo doing a gender reveal party LOLLLLL I can't wait to torture everybody bwaahahahahahahaha Love all your so what's! Your too funny ;)


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