Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was a good one. A busy one, but a good one.

Apparently, the part of wedding planning that no one tells you about is that you rarely have a free Saturday. This was no exception/

Saturday, I woke up with a to-do list a mile long. As usual. And I fell behind... as usual.

I went to the grocery store to get the chicken wings that I needed to marinate for the game that night. Got into a minor argument with some jack-hole in the Stop & Shop parking lot, and then went on my merry way.

Of course, by that time I was already behind. Task # 1 and I was already screwed. So, I did what any mature adult would do... I called my mom. And she made a pit stop for me so I didn't have to. Back on track....ish.

I get the wings marinated, all my crap put in the car, the dog all loaded up for our mini trip, and then headed over to my parents house. More behind schedule... eff.

Ma Dukes and I then spent the better part of an hour and a half getting all of the names and addresses transferred over from out excel file to labels. Then we had to fix all the labels so they fit size wise, and then fix the zipcodes...because apparently any zipcode beginning in 0 dropped the 0...because that makes soooo much sense.

Then we get the wonderful idea that we don't like the picture on the label. It isn't perfect. So we spent the next half an hour trying to fix it.

No luck. I then call off the wedding because I can't get the labels the way I want them and throw a minor hissy fit.

I then realize, that I am not going to get my way without starting completely over... so I decide that the labels are perfect the way they are.

Wedding is back on.

By that time, my brother and cousin were there and it was time for us to go visit my grandfather. So we got 1 part of 1 thing done. Not exactly productive. Whatever.

After the visit, it was a rush rush to get home and get the chicken wings started. And then attempt to catch my breath before it was time to put on 18 layers of clothing and head out to watch the game.

And... for anyone who watched it... it was a HELL of a game. I had faith in our guys... but wooo weeee did they come through. I know we aren't out of the woods yet, but we made it this far. Plus, I feel like it was necessary to put an end to Tebow fever. Sorry Tebow fans. He had a hell of a season especially for a rookie... but... he was no match for the Patriots. Although... I just double-checked their stats... and they weren't that impressive. Broncos had an even 8-8 for W/L while the Patriots has 3-L and 13-W. I don't know why anyone was concerned.


I was designated driver... so everyone got pretty into the game... and I... well...I drank water and got teased for being a weenie. Soooo not fair. The price of being responsible I suppose.

Sunday was spent being lazy. I was the designated driver, so I was fine, but Big A was feeling a bit tired. Although... I was very impressed with out fine he was. If the tables were turned, I would probably still be crying softly under my covers.

Aaaaand here we are. Today sucks. No one fun is at work. I have a thousand things to do and my phone is ringing off the hook. These are the days when I wish that alcohol didn't have so many calories... or that it was perfectly acceptable to not eat and just drink your meals instead and not be considered an alcoholic. Ahh well.

Oh... one more thing... (because I haven't rambled enough) thank you to everyone who has left me sweet comments about the whole Firm Friday thing. Like I said, I was fully expecting some rude bitznatches to be commenting on my flub and instead you are all so great and I love to see that maybe a couple of you have jumped on the train too!


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  1. omg what a weekend! mine was insane too. never ending. im glad its monday. i needed to relax back at work. seriously.


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