Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one. No complaints here.

Well...other than the usual it was too short and I hate that Big A works Saturdays, (Well..I do and I don't. I do because I hate waking him up, he's always crabby, I don't get to sleep in with him, etc. etc. I don't because... well...I usually spend the day with my mom so that's nice. But, I suppose I could do both...anyway...)

Friday was pretty low key. Big A threw last minute plans on me, so I did what I had to do... called up N to go out drinking (because that is both in my healthy eating plan AND my budget... whatever). We had a jolly old time and caught up while our boys were off doing god knows what.

Saturday, I spent the morning with my mom and my grandmother. We met for coffee, chatted a bit, and then went on a search for dishes for my nanny's (grandmother) new apartment. I know... you can barely contain your excitement.

After that, my mom, my brother, my cousin, and I met up and headed out to visit my grandfather. I had never seen where he was staying before, so it was nice to finally see where he was. And to see that the place was actually pretty nice, so at least he is living the life of luxury...well...the place doesn't suck.

Saturday night, Big A and I headed out to a Viking Tree Burial Party... AKA a gigantic bon fire where we all burned our Christmas trees. It was a lot of fun. So much fun, that we completely lost track of time and didn't leave until 1:30 AM. Poor Mr. Fresh was probably crossing his little paws trying not to pee on the floor. I felt like a horrible Dog Mama and the drive home took FOREVER. Probably just because I felt like a gigantic ass.

Since we didn't get home until 2 and then didn't go to sleep until closer to 3...we spent the better part of Sunday being completely lazy and sleeping in. Lovely. I made a delicious "breakfast" and then we went on our merry way.

He went to play with his friends. I went to talk to our parents about the guest list for the wedding. Which is probably THE most annoying, ridiculous, frustrating part of wedding planning. Who should be invited? Who shouldn't be invited? This person wants this person to be invited, but this person doesn't. And then vice versa. And by the end of it I was just going... uh huh... ok....YOU just tell ME what to do. Which also got me nowhere.

So... I think we have FINALLY narrowed it down. And I think I only need about 3 addresses. And then it isn't changing. I don't care if I meet someone who becomes my complete BFF soul mate (although I already have some of those) or someone randomly gets married to some person we have never met before. You aren't invited. Sorry. You have 3 options... 1) Don't come. 2) Come and don't eat. 3) Pay for your own dinner.

That is all.

Oooh the joys.

The good news is that we hit the 8 month mark yesterday. So... although the thought of all I have to do and it only being 8 months makes me want to wet my pants and start using a pacifier again... it will all be over and I will be able to marry my best friend and attend THE best party of my life.

Soo... glass half empty... half full... either or.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well. I promise I will be more interesting in future posts. AND I will be guest posting at some time this week too, so I will keep you updated on that!


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