Monday, January 23, 2012

What it Feels Like to be a Patriots Fan Today!

I know most of you could probably give a flying duck less about football, but 'round these parts... this be Patriots Country.

Now, I haven't always been into football either. But it became very clear early on in my relationship with Big A that I had two options:
A) Learn to love football
B) Have no boyfriend on every Sunday from August through January.

And we all know that I love me some Big A... so I learned to love football too. He taught me how the game was played. Once I understood it, I love it.

Because let's be honest... something that involves beer, screaming, and trash talking is not only welcome but encouraged?

Hello Football... where have you been all my life?!

Anyway... yesterday was a great day to be  Patriots fan!


Because we are going here...
Because this happened...

Aww doesn't he look so sad that he missed that kick?

And this is how we feel about it.

Yeah... missing a field goal which would have tied the game and put us into overtime?

Effing blows.

Having the OTHER team miss a field goal that would have tied the game and put us into over time, essentially causing us to win the game?

Effing awesome.

Yeap people. That's how I spent my Sunday. Bundled up around a camp fire. Throwing back some beers and watching the Patriots kick some ass.

The Superbowl is going to be ridiculous. Can't wait!

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