Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bridesmaid Dress Recap...FINALLY

Continuing with the picture catch-up... let's recap the Bridesmaid dress appointment that happened... well... far too long ago for me to be recapping it now.

Let me start out by saying that the day that we were scheduled to go for our appointment... was one of the few snow storms that Massachusetts has had. It was only the second time of the winter that Big A had to go plow (well...technically the first storm was in the Fall).

Anywho... my girls are effing troopers. They all made it. Without a single complaint. They all rocked their appointment and found amazing dresses. (Like I said before, I let my girls chose their own dresses) Even the Pregos came out in the storm even though they already had their dresses. friends are pretty awesome.

Now on to some pics...

L and her fab dress. Loves it. I also love that hers is a different neckline that most every one's so she stands out a little more as MOH. Please note this is NOT the color.

Pickles in her beautiful dress. This was one of the colors that I tried to get Big A to agree too, but he was dead set on no purple. I guess it IS his wedding too... a little bit.  

J$ in her dress. Love love love. And this is the actual color of all of the dresses.

 My lovely sister-in-law-to-be. Love her dress too! She's such a trooper as I made her pose a million times!

The Motley Crew

Now one with the bride awkwardly scrunched in front of everyone!

My girls with the moms. My mom is on the far left and Big A's mom is on the far right. No wonder we are both ridiculously attractive people. Just look at our MOMs!!!

Aaaand another one of me getting a killer thigh work out.

After the dress appointment, we all headed out to lunch. It was still snowing pretty good, but it was nice to continue our wonderful time together. Big A's mom looked around the table at one point and said, "Now when will we all be together again"... and it made me sad to think it would be awhile.

I mean the dress appointments and the Engagement Party are over. Which means that the next time we will probably all be in the same place is the Bridal Shower... unless I can scheme some way to get us all together again.

One of the wonderful things about this wedding is that I have friends from all walks of life. Some knew each other already, and some had met once or twice but that was it. And through these past 8 months of our engagement, they have been together so many times that it is like we are all one big group of friends. It is an absolutely amazing feeling that my entire group of friends has fully melded.


Ok...enough of the mushy crap.

And to continue with Bridesmaid dress tradition... do you remember these Bad Larrys?

I found these ridiculously on sale when I went with Mrs. C and Jackums to get their dresses. BUT they were a half size different and it was the last pair that the store had. So... I broken heartedly returned them.

THEN... I found them online... but the $150 price tag was a bit steep.

Until... I stalked the website for long enough that I found a 50% off coupon code and jumped at the chance. It wasn't as good as the original $40 price tag, but $75 was a hell of a lot better than $150.

I wore them to Mrs. C's gender reveal party and they are just as saucy as I thought they would be. I know you can all rest easy now, knowing that I have found them and we are together again.

Welp... there's my Bridesmaid Dress recap... FINALLY. I'll try to be a bit better with these recaps. Especially since part of the whole awesomeness of blogging is to keep track of all of these amazing moments in live. And since I have the tendency to forget whether or not I put my zipper up... I'm doubting my ability to remember all of the great details weeks later.

Soo... I'll try to be better.



  1. I love all of the dresses! I also like that you guys went with long dresses. It seems like more and more people are going away from them so I like that you didn't! And cute boots!

  2. I'll be wearing the same dress as your MOH in an October Wedding. But ours are and orange color called Persimmon. They are really nice dresses. Now we just need to find shoes and do alterations.

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