Friday, February 24, 2012

Firm Friday: Week 7

This week I didn't do too bad. We had some stuff going on and I planned poorly so I had Wednesday and Thursday off from working out.

I did a killer workout I found on Friday. It is called the Bikini workout. And it has three levels so you can change it up as your body gets used to it. Love it. I mean it hurts like a bitch, but I love it. I followed it with 30 min of cardio (cuz they told me to) and was uber proud of myself for working out on a Friday night.

Then I went for a 2.5 walk with Mr. Fresh on Sunday. It was beautiful out and we both needed some fresh air. Once again, proud of me for working out on a Sunday!

Which means I worked out Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Not too shabby.

Now onto this week...

I did my C25K on Monday with some weights with some new arm exercises that I found. The lowest number of weights that they have is 5 lbs and holy shit. But I don't have any upper body strength, so I'm probably just a baby. I'm doing it though.

Then Tuesday I did the new Bikini Body workout that I found, followed by 30 min on the treadmill. Now when I did this workout last week, I was pretty much dying the next day. I could feel every.single.muscle in my body. I mean seriously, I could feel the muscles in my ass cheeks standing still. Have you ever feel the muscles in your ass cheeks? Weird feeling. (TMI? Whatevs)

But when I did it on Tuesday, I wasn't too bad the next day. NOW. I know I'm not in a hell of a lot better shape than I was on Friday, so I think I phoned it in a little bit. I'll have to push harder next time. No pain no gain.

Weight: 175.5 (6.5 lbs) Loss of 2.4 (BAM Bitches!)
Arm: 12.5 (1 inch) Didn't do this week
Waist: 37.5 (3 inch) Didn't do this week

Thigh: 24.5 (0.5 inch) Didn't do this week

Hip: 40.5 (1 inch) Didn't do this week

6.5 lbs. Wow. I can't believe it. When I started MFP I was a little heaver too, so according to them I have lost 7.1 lbs. Which is amazing. Almost 10. I can't wait to hit the double digits. I think it will make everything seem a little more attainable since I am really hoping for a total of 30 lbs (maybe more) in total before the wedding. I have 6(ish) months which means I need to lose 1.25 lbs a week until then.

Attainable right? I'm more concerned with losing most of it before my first fitting which I believe is at the end of July. So, I still have about 5 months before that.

No bigs. I got this.

I think I have decided that I am only going to do my measurements every other week. And maybe pictures once a month. Just so it looks a little more exciting.

Next week I am in Ohio for work Wednesday through Friday (Shannon... drinks?) and I am hoping that I can get in some work out time while I am there. I looked ahead at the restaurant that we are going to for dinner and already found something healthy to get. I just need to keep an eye out on what I am doing.
Maybe I can get in some gym time before dinner? Or eat something light and go after. We will see. Here's hoping!


  1. 2 1/2 pounds in one week is awesome. And yes, a little more than a pound a week is super attainable. You are going to be a gorgeous bride!!

  2. That is awesome that you lost 2.5 lbs! Now where did you find this said Bikini workout because I am always looking for new workouts to try out? Have a great weekend!


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