Friday, February 3, 2012

Firm Fridays: Week 5

This week was a semi-FAIL.

Monday I started feeling like a pile of flaming dog crap. But I was going to run anyway.

However, the cosmos aligned just right and I couldn't. I forgot my running shoes. And running in heels just ain't happening.

Then I came down with the plague and there was no way in hell that I was running. I probably would have passed the eff out if I tried.

So... exercise wise... this week is a BIG FAT FAIL.

But... at least I feel bad about it. Right?

Food wise. I was like a frickin' ninja.

I knew I wasn't exercising so I watched what I ate. And I was home instead of running around so I cooked.

Healthy things.

And apparently eating right and now shoving bottles of wine in your face all week pay off...


I lost 1.6 pounds. Which is pretty exciting all in itself.

It doesn't sound like much... but then I try to think of how much a pound of ground turkey is... or a pound of chicken... ew... imagine that as fat. Ick.

Total weight loss: 5.2 pounds.

Holleeeer! (yeap... most def yelled that in my bathroom this morning... good thing Big A is a heavy sleeper so I didn't have to explain).

I didn't do measurements since I was running late. Plus, who cares... I lost 1.6 lbs. Now hopefully I can keep it off when I'm not sick.

My plan... no drinking during the week. (Except maybe 1 glass if it fits in my cals on Tuesdays with L) and I'm going for the 4 day work-out again next week.

Hopefully, I won't be sick.

Secondary goal... not to go over cals on Super Bowl Sunday.


Alright biznatches... back to working I go. Hope you all had a good FIRM week!

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