Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ohio Schmohio

Can I just start out this post as stating that I am a big gigantic baby? I'm aware. Now, let's move on.

I have to go to Ohio tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to it.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm fine when I am there. I love the people that I work with in Ohio, and I get treated like a Queen while I'm there. Delicious lunches, dinners, and drinks.

BUT... the whole travelling by myself thing. The whole sleeping by myself at night.

No bueno.

That's the part that hits me. When I am saying goodnight to Big A and he is in our apartment and I feel like I couldn't be farther from home.

It's so lonely.

And me, being the super smart person that I am, offered to go to a training at the end of March too. So I'll be back there in a month.

The worst part is that I ALWAYS get stuck somewhere on the way back.

I remember one time when I was coming home from D.C. I thought I was so freaking cool because I had a direct flight and you can't mess with me.

Except there was torrential downpour, thunder, and lightening and I spent the better part of my evening sitting on the airport floor crying hysterically because I thought I would never get home.

True story. Gigantic baby.

I eventually caught the last flight out and finally made it home around 2 in the morning. It was awesome...not.

So, here I am on another trip and I'm hoping that it gets easier with time. I mean, I am a hell of a lot better about it than I used to be.

But then again, I was always that kid that got homesick and wanted my mom to pick me up at 2 AM. I want to believe it was more of that fact that it was so late that I COULDN'T go home that made me want to so bad. That usually has a big affect on me. As soon as you tell me that I HAVE to do something or that I CAN'T do something... I have never wanted to do the opposite more in my entire life.

Maybe I should work on that.

But alas... it is only for a couple days and I will be on my way home Friday morning. So it really isn't THAT bad. I just wish that I could take Big A and Mr. Fresh with me. I think that would make things a bagillion times better.

I just like my dudes to be around is all.

So, anyone else act like a gigantic baby when they have to go on a trip all by themselves? I think it would be different if it was for fun and not for work. Work stinks. BOOOOO.

Anywho... that's all my whining for that day. Be prepared to hear a couple more days of it, probably followed by an equally pathetic post about how I am stuck in the airport...AGAIN... and I just want to go home. Because it ALWAYS happens.


  1. I totally agree. I HATE traveling alone for work. I hate sleeping in hotels alone. it's so scary and lonely! I was totally that girl growing up too. Always calling my parents at 2am to pick me up. I'm sure my friends got their feelings hurt, but I didn't care. I wanted to get out of there.

    Not that I've tried this... but maybe bring something to keep you super busy in the hotel. like do you have any projects like... idk crochet? or something? maybe teach yourself via youtube when you are there? or in the airport. wait...can you even take crochet hooks on the airplane?

  2. The sleeping along thing sucks. Josh was gone for a weekend ski trip in Vermont last weekend and I was miserable when I went to bed every night, haha. I tried to convince myself it was all awesome because I could sleep on his side and hog the bed, etc. But nope. Big fat lie. Totally hated him not being there, lol. But I LOVED traveling alone when I was single. I always had sooooo much fun! I went to Vegas a couple summers ago by myself. Met the most random folks and it was such a good time.

  3. I haven't had to travel alone for work... but I can't stay the night by myself. I am a huge scaredy cat... so you have my sympathy.

    And Ohio.... Maybe you'll find something fun there. Maybe. :)


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