Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So What! Wednesday

It's been a week or two since I have last done a So What! Wednesday post.

I think I was going through withdrawals. Sad. I know.

So... here is goes. I'm linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* We have our tasting for the wedding tonight and it STILL doesn't feel real. I mean I'm 12... I can't be getting married... right?! I'm intrigued to see how it will feel the day of when it is R.E.A.L!

* I have a bunch of projects going right now and I have completely abandoned all of them. Awesome. I'm sure I will get some surge of inspiration and bust them all out... hopefully.

*  I was mighty impressed with myself last night when I fixed the vacuum. I mean, it was just a broken belt, BUT I was able to fit a belt from our old vacuum on it, which was smaller. So I felt like I had mad muscles too. And now my house is vacuumed. BAM!

* It is bonus time at work. And I was uber excited about mine... until I heard murmurings about the crazy amount the big wigs get and it made me jealous. I mean seriously... some of them get more as a bonus than I make in a year! I know... I know... they have been here forever. But still... that green eyed monster is on annoying bitch.

* There's this guy that calls me at work all the time. And rather than just cutting to the chase, he tells me his entire life story every.time.he.calls. so... I may or may not put the phone down on my desk until I hear that he is actually asking me a valid question. I just can't deal.

* The cooks at work are out sick / on vacation and it bothers me. The fill-in people have no idea how to make my shit. I ordered my bomb ass sandwich yesterday and it was gross. He didn't make it right. It was partially because I ordered it a lil wrong, but the regular guy would have known exactly how to make it.

* I'm slightly annoyed that I hear that there isn't a fitness room at our new building. Now my cheap ass is going to have to sign up for another gym. And there aren't any real good ones around. And I'm cheap as hell. And I hate changing my routine. WAH.

* I am currently entered in 325,256,734 different "Bride" contests. I'm bound to win SOMETHING. This wedding is getting ex.pen.sive so now it is time for the cosmos to intervene and help a biatch out.

That's all for today ladies (and gentlemen?). Now head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!


  1. You are really getting into this exercise thing. Love it! Sorry about the lack of gym. boo!

  2. I hope you win something too! Weddings are expensive! There is no way around it!


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