Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Mrs. Shannon Dew for another lovely So What! Wednesday.

And while I am flying through the sky on my way to the fabulous Ohio, you all get to hear what I am saying So What! to this week.

You lucky ducks you.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I prefer to be alone in the gym, purely because I apparently make wildly embarassing noises whilst running and I don't need any witnesses. Eek!

* I waited until the ultimate last minute to do everything I needed to for Ohio. A sink full of dishes, clothes that needed to be washed, packing, etc. I always wait until the last minute. Otherwise shit gets too real and I get sad. because I'm a big baby

* When I was showing L our registry and I noticed that the heading at the top said: Only 194 more days I kind of wanted to vomit. Normal? Let me reitterate for the MILLIONTH time... it has nothing to do with Big A... there's just so much to do, so many people will be there, all the money it is going to cost, and the worst part... the unknowns. Like:
What if I rip my dress?
What if it rains?
What if there is a hurricane and we lose power?
What if everyone thinks everything is ugly?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

* I am a freak show. See above.

* There is an intern that works in my area that may or may not be taking a spot that is rightfully mine, so I do what any mature professional would do and A) refuse to talk to him and B) refuse to use his name and refer to him only as "homeboy"

* I have a wine night this Saturday night AND Jackums baby shower on Sunday. To say this is going to be a long weekend is an understatement.

* I am wildly sucking at my job right now because I am waiting on 8,254 people to provide me with information that I need to know. And all I want to do is scream that none of this bullshit is my fault and everyone needs to step the eff up and get their shit done. But... I don't... and I sit here patiently... and sweetly tell people that they can get me their information at their earliest convenience. Ug. Kill me.

* My desk is a mess as usual. They say that a messy desk is a sign of a genius... obviously that statement is soooo true.

* I got mad at Big A when I told him that I wanted to get my nose re-pierced and he told me that it probably wouldn't be a good idea professionally. And told me that he has never seen an Executive with a nose piercing. I don't like being told I shouldn't do something. Boooo to Big A.

* I know he is probably right. Ug. My work has no tattoo or piercing policy, but I'm already a good 30 years younger than most people and have a hard time being taken seriously. I'm not sure a diamond sticking out of my nostril will scream PROMOTE ME. Boooooo.

Well... that's all my bitching and moaning for today. Now head on over to Shannon's blog and link-up bitches!

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