Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was pretty fun.

Busy, went by WAY too quick, but fun.

Saturday night we had a little memorial meet-up for our friend John who passed away in December from cancer. It was nice to get everyone together again and just spend a night remembering him. Looking at pictures, telling stories.

Of course, it was blatantly obvious that someone was missing. I can't even imagine was craziness John would have brought to the table. He was normally the life of the party. Telling stories, making everyone laugh, pushing the envelope a little bit. That was one man who DEFINITELY lived life to the fullest.

We have plans to have some more memorial events for him. A friend of ours puts on a car show every year and we have already decided that this year's will be dedicated to John. It's our way of making it known that he may be gone, but definitely never forgotten.

Sunday, Big A and I woke up at the crack of noon and went to register for our wedding.

I have to admit. It was a little weird at first. Walking through a store and picking all of the stuff that you want people to buy you. It seems a little weird.

Then I felt like people were going to judge our registry. Like, take one look at it and laugh at how presumptuous we are that we actually thought someone would get us that item. I know.... weird.

But, it was fun to pick out all of the stuff we never got to before because we either didn't have the money, or stupidly thought we would only be in our apartment for a year and then would be moving on to buy a house.

It was also pretty hard too because since we DON'T have a house, it was hard to pick out certain things since we don't really know what we will have for furniture and decorations and such. So, there were a lot of areas that we skipped over.

They told us at the beginning of registering that you are "supposed" to register for twice as many gifts as there are guests invited.

Umm... holy shit. Really?

We definitely failed on that one. Big time.

We are also struggling with the whole thing of registering for nice china. I mean on the one hand... I'm sure it will come in handy some day. And I doubt that we would ever actually go out and buy it later in life. Plus, I'm sure that at some point in the future we will have a large group of people over for dinner and my OCD will go haywire because everything doesn't match.

On the other hand... while I like the idea of having a nice set of plates and such... the whole fine china thing just isn't my style. I like bold colorful things. And I can't find a single set that is pretty and colorful.

So... here I am at a loss. Any ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. from other brides and former brides out there? What did you do? What did you get?

I apparently need all the help I can get. Thanks ladies!

Other than that Big A and I just hung out at home for a bit before I went to Sunday dinner at my parents' house. And now we are back to god awful Monday.

Booooo. Not looking forward to my Ohio trip on Wednesday, but whatcha gonna do right? Oy. Looking forward to Friday! As always....


  1. don't feel like you need to register for fine china. I ended up registering for a wedgewood 'everyday set' that IMO was expensive, but nicer than the correll I had from Target lol. It was just white/square shape. I also did register at target for some new correll hahaah. Just register for what you think you will use. For the fine china, I have a few fancy dessert dishes (people love to give you things you didn't register for too).

  2. Have you heard of the Fiesta dishes? I believe they are just plain colors with no designs or anything on them, but they have a ton of colors to choose from. I think I have seen them at Kohl's. We ended up not getting china either. We went the next step down and got porcelain I believe. Ours is very plain. It is white with these gray rings that start in the middle and go out to the edge. Something else that you may look for is dishes that are open stock. A lot of people do place settings which come with the standard dinner plate, salad plate, a bowl and a cup or something else(I honestly have no idea what comes in them) but we picked out dishes that were open stock so that we only registered for what we actually wanted. This way we didn't end up with a ton of coffee mugs and other crap that we know that we wouldn't used. We did this through BBB and in my opinion, it worked out amazingly well. We only got the dishes that we wanted and we don't have this extra stuff that we have no use for or room for either! Good luck! I hope that you guys find something that you love!


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