Friday, March 2, 2012

Firm Friday... this is not

I've decided I am skipping Firm Friday this week.

Due to the fact that I've only worked out twice. And I've been eating like shit the past two days.

And I ordered this from room service after the ridiculously delicious dinner I had.

White Zin and Chocolate Chunk Muffin. Yummm.

So... I will show you my digs for the past two days.

Not too shabby huh? The only problem is that apparently they have me in one of their handicapped equipped rooms. And there's no bath tub. I was kind of looking forward to taking a nice bath. Especially since I only take baths in uber clean tubs so no shit is floating around. And they must clean the crap out of it all the time.

Which is why I don't take baths at home. I know how crappy the bitch who cleans the tub is at her job. So I stick to showers. Boo.

In other events, apparently there is a body building competition going on. There are some pretty gigantic dudes walking around. I mean these guys' arms are as big as my ass. Which is smaller than it used to be, but baby still has back. Eek!

I head home tomorrow. Which is pretty exciting. I must admit that I'm a little sad that I missed the first real snow storm Mass has got all winter. And because I just got off the phone with Big A and he is all sorts of stressed out. I wish I was there to cook him something delicious to eat and spoil him rotten. It always seems to make those bad days not seem as bad.

Instead, he comes home to an empty house with a needy dog and no food. I'm definitely wifey material. FAIL.

BUT... tomorrow I will be crossing my fingers for smooth flying and hoping that I don't get stuck next to some annoying person who wants to chat the entire flight. I don't know what it is about my charming face that seems open and inviting to strangers, but they are getting the wrong idea.

I don't enjoy talking to strangers. Making uncomfortable small talk with someone who has the personality of a beetle (who I assume have poor personalities. No offense to any beetles out there)

Next up comes wine night and Jackums baby shower.

Then we are back to Monday like nothing ever happened. Oof!


  1. HAHA Your bath tub dilemma made me laugh. :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. yikes, after working in hospitality for um, ever and having a full working knowledge of hotel bathtubs. I could deliver you some bad/gross news. But I don't want to make your future business trips scary, so I'm going to tell you YES! the nice ladies thouroughly clean each bathtub with clorox daily :D
    Your dinner looks awesome for sure! I had a cupcake for dinner last night and some crystal light pink lemonade, so we're practically twins!
    I think you'll be an awesome wife, just that you wanted to cook deliciousness for your future hubs is major props. That's the way to a man's heart for sure!

  3. Stopped by from the link up. I totally agree about baths and it is a little frustrating when all you want to do is take one and there is no tub! I was surprised with a handicapped room once too. Cute blog!


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