Friday, March 9, 2012

Firm Friday

Another Firm Friday. At least this one I feel slightly positive about.
I was a bad girl last week and stuffed my face in Ohio. AND barely worked out.
Good one.
It was no surprise to see the same weight that I was two weeks ago, when I stepped on the scale this morning. BUT, I am fairly sure that I gained some shit back last week, so I guess you can count this as a win.
I’ve been doing pretty well this week. Mainly for the fact that I actually got my ass up and went grocery shopping on Monday. PLUS I cooked all week (shocking, I know).
So, I rewarded myself with an egg & cheese sandwich. WORD.
Which was probably a bad idea because I will be shoving my face full of Mexican food for the next two nights. But… whatever. I’ve got a plan.
So let’s look at the stats:
Weight: 175.5 (6.5 lbs) SAME BOOOOO
Arm: 12 (1.5 inch) Loss of .5”
Waist: 35.5 (5 inch) Loss of 2”
Thigh: 24 (1 inch) Loss of .5”
Hip: 40.5 (1 inch) Same

Not too bad. I mean, I wish I saw a pound loss, but I will take inches too. Plus… like I said. I have a plan.

Want to see the results in action… check it:

                                   January 3, 2012                          March 6, 2012

Now… I know it isn’t a miracle. But I know that by looking at these pictures… HOLY SHIT! How did I live like that for so long?
I can already tell a difference in the way I feel. The way I feel in my clothes. The way I feel when I look in the mirror. The way I feel about myself in general.
I’ve got a long way to go, but I think I’ve got a good start.
Now, time to kick it up a notch.
Happy Friday folks! I hope you all have wonderful weekend plans. I know, I for one, plan to skimp on the Mexican food, but REALLY put my calories to good use by mostly drinking them.
Now THAT’s dedication. Hehe.

Sidenote: Did Blogger bust anyone else's balls today? It took me FOREVER to write this post, and that is only because I wrote it in Word and transferred it over. Ug.


  1. Yay! You're doing sooooo good lady!! Super proud of you! How are the rest of the people at work doing with the competition thing? Think you have a good shot of winning the money???? Fingers crossed for you!!! xoxo

  2. get it girlll!!! So much of the whole diet/exercise thing is making it liveable. I think you've been doing an awesome job, even though some days might not have been totally perfect on the whole eating game. Your waist is so much smaller, the pics don't lie! your wedding count down is on and I know you'll reach your goal with plenty of time to maintain before the big day! Having a plan is where it's at! Congrats on the inches lost!

  3. yay you! it's so great to be able to see results! you should set up a rewards schedule for yourself - each time you lost a certain amount of lbs or inches you get something for yourself!


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