Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goat Cheese = Delicious: A food revelation mixed with business trip highlights

Oh Ohio. Blech.

I had a rather uneventful trip here. I was half hoping that between the crazy weather that Columbus was supposed to be having and the ridiculousness that Boston was supposed to get, that things would somehow get cancelled.

But... alas. I made it here just fine. As usual. I usually get boned on the way home. Rain, Thunder & Lightning Storms are predicted for Friday. Let's hope that they hold off until I get the fuck out of dodge. Cool? Thanks.

I went to lunch with a co-worker as soon as I arrived. We were both starving. There was no time to check-in to my hotel. I needed food ASAP. So we went to this delicious restaurant across the street. I had my first ever wedge salad. With goat cheese. Because apparently I LOVE goat cheese now. So much that a dear friend of mine enjoys teasing me with my current obsession. Whatever. I <3 cheese and I am excited I have a new one to add to the mix.

Then came the training. Ug. I mean it wasn't that bad. I'm working on learning how to use the Adobe Creative Suite. Ya know... Photoshop. Illustrator. Blah blah. I can see me being good at it because we all know that I am OCD as eff... but it was hard to kind of whip through things. They looked like shit and it was time to move on. Bummer.

I eventually just told my co-worker that I was exercising artistic freedom and he was just jealous that my talent was greater than his. BAM!

Then I got bored. Because, when I am learning something, I want someone to tell/show me how to do it, walk me through it, and then let me try it on my own. Trial and error style. This works. This doesn't. Ya know. So, I did what any good student does... stops listening and did my own thing.

My pride and joy:

Isn't she beautiful? I WISH I looked this good. Heh.

At the very least, I will come out of this trip with knowing how to fuck with my friends' pictures. Beware peeps. I'm going to have some fun with this one.

By that time it was around 4:00 PM and I had been up since 5:00-5:30 AM, so I needed coffee. Two floors. One with no coffee or cups. The other with coffee but no cups. Eff. Really?

I decided I had done enough running around. AND working. So I was all done. I packed up all of my crap. Called a cab. Said goodbye. Turned around... and realized that for whatever reason, there was a gigantic pile of coffee cups in the corner of the conference room that we had been sitting in for hours. Totally not cool.

The day was followed by an absolutely delicious dinner. I got a ribeye steak (which was so amazing since I NEVER hardly ever eat red meat) with broccolini, gnocchi, and some sort of bleu cheese sauce. Now, I've never tried gnocci and I don't usually enjoy bleu cheese. But, 26 year old me is adventerous and tries new things. So, I did.

And seriously. EFFING DELICIOUS.

I am now curious about all of the foods that I have been missing out on for all of these years since I have been a picky eater. Although, at least I am proud to say that finally at the age of 26, my tastes are slightly more sophisticated than a 5 year old's.

Tomorrow is more training. Some teambuilding event that I got roped into going to that involves a comedy show, but also a free lunch so at the very least I break even. Then I have dinner planned with some lovely ladies. Then... home.

Oh, I miss home.

That about ends my excitingness for the day. I am personally exhausted, but I am going to peel my eyelids open and hold them up with toothpicks so I can watch the season finale (hopefully if I can find it online) of Parenthood. Apparently Khloe & Lamar (don't judge) AND Teen Mom ( judging) are on at the same time on Tuesday nights. I didn't realize that until it was almost over. BOOO.

I'm going to make the most out of this trip, but you bet your ass that I am counting down the seconds until home.

And let's pray that this little bitch stays in the afternoon and doesn't interfere with my smooth sailing & late afternoon lunch with my Mama.

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  1. I LOVE goat cheese. so so so so much. Unless you have a trader joes down the block it's crazy expensive at regular grocery stores :( and gnocci is my fav too! Yay for trying new deliciousness!


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