Thursday, March 8, 2012

If You Liked it Then You Shoulda Put a Ring on it...

And he did. Smart man. But that was months ago (almost a year!) and OLD NEWS.

Last night, however, we went to look for our wedding bands. Uber exciting.

I decided to let Big A look first since he had NO idea what he wanted since he has never worn jewelry in his life.

Yeah... took him about 3 minutes. Damn.

He picked the EXACT ring that I would have picked for him. And I didn't even influence it at all! Made me feel pretty cool that I was able to pick out (in my head) something that he would love with NOTHING to reference (since he never wears jewelry).

His looked a little like this one:

Only his is a DARK silver. He decided to go for the Tungsten ring for two reasons.

1) He didn't really like the look of the gold bands. They were too shiny for him.

2) They are virtually indestructible.

Big A doesn't plan on wearing his ring at work. As a mechanic that would be incredibly dangerous for him to do so. Just like they don't recommend loose clothing, long flowing hair, etc. They also don't recommend wearing jewelry either. Big A gets hurt enough at work (nothing too serious. Some bad cuts, bruises, forehead burns. He's only had stitches once since I've met him and he drove HIMSELF to the doctor...freakshow) he doesn't need something else for a machine, car part, etc. to grab onto.

So, I gave him a free pass at work. (I know I'm so nice. I just told him if any hot girls walk in to immediately hold up his left hand and say, "I'm not wearing my ring because I'm at work, but I am happily married to my beautiful wife. Now back off skank!" haha... I kid. I kid.)

Me on the other hand... I knew what I wanted. Something along the lines of this:

Except for, as usual my budget and my taste don't coincide. Ug.

So, in typical me fashion, I picked one of the most expensive rings and fell madly in love. And nothing else felt right. Good one me!

But... I didn't have my ring on when I was trying them on. They were fixing the prongs on it since the diamond was a little loose. I told them that I couldn't make a decision until I had my ring back. They had given my a similar setting to my ring to try on with it, but it just wasn't the same without a sparkly diamond in it.

So, I made them stop what they were doing and give me my ring back. Because I'm a Diva like that.

And shockingly enough... the glorious ring I was in love with. Looked hideous with my ring. THANK GOD!

So... I kept looking. I found something that was almost perfect, but it was from a different company that made my ring, so the coloring was off. And there was some etching on the sides of the band that looked weird with my ring.

Our amazing, fantastic, hysterical jeweler is going to contact the company that made my ring and have them send him some designs for me to look at. (Continuing on with the DIVA, pain in the ASS part of me!)

But... the way I put it. This ring is going to be on my finger for the rest of my life. I have to LOVE it. I don't want to just "like" it and then regret it later. I mean, I can always upgrade when Big A and I are millionaires, but I want to upgrade because I am a selfish bitch, not because I don't like my ring... (I kid)

And that's where we left it. Big A has his ring and I'm a picky bastard. But we all knew that already.

We have half of the ring hunt done. Which is pretty excited. Now we just have to wait for the jeweler to call and we will go back to try on more. YAY! I'm secretly excited that this part isn't over yet. Because, let's be honest. I LOVE going into jewelry stores and trying things on.

That's my story for today. Big A was easy. I was a pain. Nothing has changed with our dynamic. Except that he now has a wedding band. Because we are going to get married. He will be a husband. I will be a wife.


Oh and today... 6 MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING!!! Holy shit.



  1. good call on holding out for perfection!

  2. I especially love the comment about how you love looking at jewelry. I am right there with ya. I don't blame you for wanting it to be perfect. I mean you are paying for it so it should be exactly what you want. Why is it that the guys always get off so easy when it comes to this stuff? I hope that you find the perfect band. Can't wait to see it!


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