Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's the Little Things...

Yesterday morning when I was driving to work they were doing a poll on the women listeners. They wanted to know what little thing that their significant other does that shows that they care.

Then the one male DJ started talking about sex and I arrived at work. I never heard anything else about it. I went about my day and didn't give it a second thought.

After work, I finally dragged myself to the grocery store. I haven't been since January 30th (yeah I just looked it up... I suck more than I thought) and it was needed.

I used to love grocery shopping. But now that it is a necessity? I hate it. We all know how much I love it when I HAVE to do something. The worst part was I couldn't even fathom how I was going to get in my workout, go take the dog out, go grocery shopping, put it all away (which requires cleaning out the fridge...ug), and then making dinner. Ug.

So, I skipped my workout. Felt like a giant fatty, and tried to buy as much healthy food as I could to make myself feel better. Wah.

I get home, drag everything in by myself, and have no sooner closed the door then Big A pulls into the driveway.

Ug. Ass. Skips all the hard work.

So, I grumble a little to myself and start to organize and Big A walks in.

And you know what he says?

"Sorry, I tried to make it home before you so I could help you bring everything in. I'll help put it away though."

Umm... what?

I'm speechless. (Which for those of you that know me, know that is difficult).

Big A and I have lived together for 2.5 years. Been together for almost 5. He's helped me with the groceries maybe a handful of times. But, he knew that I was still tired and worn out and that I would appreciate the help.

And it is time's like those that I remember all of the little things that he does to show me he cares. And that after almost 5 years of being together, he still surprises me.

Then he had a growling match with the dog in the living room and *poof* just like that, everything was back to normal.

Oh Big A... never a dull moment. Haha.


  1. HAHA I thought you were going to say that it was Big A that called in about the sex comment.

    I'm glad he helped you with the groceries. I feel the exact same way!!

  2. How sweet! You have to love those moments!

  3. this is really so sweet... it's the little things, totally!


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