Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Oh Hey!

It's So What! Wednesday!

Or as I now refer to this day... as Wedding Ring Day. Whoop! (We are going to pick out our wedding rings today after work... oh how I love jewelry!)

Anywho... I'm linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I am seriously counting down the minutes until I meet up with Big A to pick out our wedding rings

* I have bought / done plenty of stuff for the wedding and just haven't told you... whoops! I promise I will do a recap of some shiznit soon. Pinky promise.

* I am flabbergasted that the wedding is in 6 months (tomorrow).

* I completely embarrassed myself in front of some Executives from Ohio. Some friends on MFP decided to give themselves a challenge of doing 100 push-ups a night for the next week. I decide that I'm hot shit and want to do it to. Except I have no upper body strength and a bum shoulder so I have to do the modified ones. Which are STILL killing me. So I was doing an awkward stretch and making grunting noises talking about how much my armpits hurt... and then I hear someone clearing their throat. I'm just glad that they made a noise before I bent over and started stretching my back!

* I have been stalking a house that Big A and I want. Like seriously... I've been doing drive-bys. It is absolutely perfect for us and I want it NOW. We plan to go see it soon to see if it is still worth drooling over. Then we will be crossing our fingers that no one buys it and the price goes down. All goes well? Then we will probably put an offer on it after the wedding.

* I found out that I get a ridiculous amount of points on my Delta Skymiles for my business trips and if I go on two more then I can get enough points for our plane tickets for our honeymoon...sooo... I'm looking for reason to fly. Big A may hate it now, but he will thank me when I save us some cashola.

Eh... that's it for today. Now it's your turn. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!


  1. Your wedding is 6 months away? Lady, time is getting ready to fly by. I hope you find somewhere to go or someone to visit so that you can get those honeymoon tickets covered.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Yay! wedding ring day! That's always so fun!!

  3. Picking out rings is definitely fun! I hope you are able to get that house too! Good luck with everything!


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