Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sometimes, All You Need is a Different Perspective

Yesterday was the third Wednesday of the month.

A day that I completely despise. Because... you see... the third Wednesday of every month is Staff Meeting Day. Which means that I have to sit in a room for a million hours and take notes.

Notes that no one reads mind you. I mean really, I haven't typed them up or sent them out in probably over a year. Do you think anyone has asked for them? Nope!

And yesterday wasn’t any different. Although, usually I can get people out of there by lunch time, but we all had to stay because there was some presentation at 3.
Luckily, we got them to present early and I was out of there by 3.
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. In a room. Taking notes. With ADD. On an 80 degree day.
Please don’t be jealous of my glamorous life.
The saving grace to the day was that I got to go babysit for Lil M and Em. The two girls that I used to nanny for.
I’ve known them since Lil M was about 3 and was in my preschool class when I worked in daycare. I taught her for a year and then I was their nanny for about a year. Then I was their regular babysitter for awhile.
I haven’t seen either one of them since last May. I mean, they didn’t even know that I was engaged. That’s how long it has been since I have seen them.
So, imagine my surprise when (not so little) Lil M walks down stairs, 8 going on 18, and starts filling me in on her life. On boy problems. On BFF’s. On how she is one of the strongest kids in school and all the boys are afraid to mess with her (proud pseudo-mama moment for me).
And then Em comes home, 12 going on 30, 5 foot 4, all legs, and is looking me in the eye.
I couldn’t even believe it.
These were my little babies. Oy.
I’m going to be a hot mess when it is actually my own kids.
So, Lil M and I had a treasure hunt, because… ya know… what else do you do. I always have the funniest conversation with her. I mean, it just kills me. At one point I uttered the sentence, “I thought about getting a squid, but you need a really big one for full effect and he probably wouldn’t fit in the hot tub”.
And then I giggled to myself because… who the hell has that kind of conversation. (And if you are wondering what we were talking about… it was the importance of a squid for a treasure hunt, because there is always a squid that is somehow in the way of the treasure and that’s what makes it a real treasure hunt. Duh!)
Then Em and I got caught up on her life. School. Sports. Friend. (No boys, thank god!)
And I realized how much I truly missed them. That was all I needed to make my day worth it. Those two chickies.
After I got home, Big A and I kicked into date night mode. We got some take out. Watched some silly shows. Ya know.
And we talked about all of the craziness going on. Work. Friends. Wedding. Stress. Money. And I told him that I wished that everything wouldn’t just blow up in my face all at once, because honestly… I’m overwhelmed.
Big A, being the most perfect man for me, provided me with the most perfect perspective. He says that as hard as things are for us right now. Us as individuals and us as partners, that it really puts it all into perspective of how truly lucky we are to have each other.
That everything that is going on is hard. He knows that. But some people go through things like this all the time, or even worse, and they don’t have anyone like we do.
That was just what I needed.
So, I put the bullshit aside for the night and decided I wasn’t going to worry about anything anymore. I wasn’t going to be thinking about tomorrow. Or yesterday. Or even that day. I was just going to think about those moments, there with him.
Because he is right (don’t tell him I said that), despite everything. We have each other. And sometimes, (most times) that is all that matters.
It was a wonderful evening. And no I haven’t been drinking.
Alright, so I assume I have made you all vomit by now, and if not, I’m sure you are thinking about it. So I’ll leave now.
Hope all you dolls are having a WONDERFUL Thursday. It is almost the weekend. And I don’t know about you, but I NEED my weekend.
Also… come back tomorrow for an UBER EXCITING Firm Friday post.

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