Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Woah. What a weekend.

It was no secret that my Ohio trip sucked the life out of me. That became quite evident when Big A and I were hanging out Friday night and all of a sudden it was Saturday morning.

Yep, I just completely passed out. Apparently I was chatting with him and then gone the next minute.


To make matters worse, I had wine night Saturday night. And then Jackums Baby Shower on Sunday.

To make matters EVEN worse, I barely slept a wink Saturday night. Which just goes to show that I should have drank more at wine night. I never have a problem sleeping when I let myself go at wine night. However, apparently when I chose to behave myself the Wine Gods decide to punish me. Lesson learned.

I was NOT on my A game this weekend. Which is why I have no pictures from ANYTHING. Nothing. I may not post pictures for months, but at least I take them!

I've got nothing.

Wine night was a blast. As always. We all went to L's house and chatted and pigged out. Ya know... the norm.

Jackums Baby Shower was fun too! I just can't believe she is SO close to having her baby girl. It is absolutely completely nuts to me. We met when we were in our teens. I think she was 16 and I was 18. So to me we are still babies. I can't believe that she is married and having a baby and I am getting married.

Where does the time go? Craziness.

Thankfully, after my adventurous week/weekend I passed the eff out again last night and got a solid night's sleep. I mean, I still feel like ass from lack of z's, but at least I was back at the office.

And back to my normal eating routine. I ate like crap. And then... since I had already eaten like crap Wed-Fri... I continued through the weekend. I mean... the bulk of the food I ate yesterday was crab cakes, nachos, and potato skins. There was nothing FIRM about the past 6 days.


I didn't really feel bad about it either. I mean I felt disgusting and swear I gained 10 lbs, but I really didn't care. Until... I remembered the contest I'm in. EEK. So I am switching my weigh-in day until Friday and hoping to be UBER strict with myself this week. Maybe it will shock some lbs off my body.

Gotta keep that eye on the prize... I want that money... and bragging rights.

I've only lost 4 lbs and 2% (according to them) of my body weight since the contest started and this is week 4. Meaning...I have this week and two more after that to WOW them or that cashola is going to live with someone else.


So that's my story. Let's recap. Ate like crap. Lack of sleep. Too much fun. Back on track. BAM.

Hope everyone else had a FABULOUS weekend!

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  1. Your weekend sounds awesome to me. Crashing early after a long week and then having too much wine? Those are problems I would like to have. :)

    Good luck in the contest? If you were anything like me {and mean biotch}, I would be bringing in cupcakes and donuts everyday so that my co-workers ate like crap. Ha.


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