Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one.
No complaints from this girl.
Friday night, I had dinner with my mom, as well as my future mother and sister in law. We were trying to do it at least once a month, but it kind of fell to the wayside around Christmas. So, we decided it was time to get back into the game.
We met up at a local restaurant right near my house, so I was a happy girl. I have no problems travelling to places, it is getting home that bothers me. Because, when I am done with something and want to be home, I want to be home NOW. Travel time is NOT included in that.
So, it worked.
We had a lovely dinner and my only complaint was that they have karaoke on Friday nights. Which isn’t a huge deal, but they set up really early and then had the music pumping so it was kind of hard to chit chat. Which I can totally understand, but I hadn’t seen my FSIL and FMIL in two months, so I was looking forward to catching up without having to scream at the top of my lungs.
But whatever.
Then I switched from beer to vodka & cranberry. Then I sang karaoke.
I dunno. It was a long night and needless to say, I skipped the gym the next morning.
Oy. I hang out with my friends and I’m fine. I hang out with my mother and all bets are off. Nice.
So Saturday morning was spent recovering. Hanging out with Ma Dukes. Then I had a lovely little lunch with Mrs. C and her adorable belly!!! LOVE IT!!!
It has been FOREVER since we have had some one on one time and it was amazing to catch-up. We ended up sitting in Panera for four and a half hours. Haha. It felt like the time just flew. I can’t wait to meet her little bundle of joy!
After that, L came over for a little bit. It was nice to catch up since we hadn’t seen each other in awhile. It had been far too long.
Then Big A and I practiced being an old married couple and ordered take-out and stayed home. I think we were in bed by 11:30. I know. Don’t be jealous. We are wild and crazy party animals.
Sunday was uneventful as well. Which I love.
Big A and I packed Dogbert up into the car and got a coffee and breakfast from Dunks. Then we went for a nice little drive and just chatted. Attempting to ignore the Border Collie that had his head on our shoulders and the drool that was dripping out of his mouth.
Our little pooch has HORRIBLE manners. I blame his father. Heh.
Then Big A went to fix some stuff on my car. I felt guilty about eating like crap so I did some kickboxing.
Then we went over to see J$’s new puppy dog. He is so incredibly adorable, I just can’t even take it! He was soooo good. I kept telling them to just wait until he becomes comfortable in his own home. Then all hell will break loose.
But… at least he will look cute doing it.
Then I finished out the weekend with a nice family dinner. And now we are back to Monday.
I have Ohio Tuesday through Thursday this week for some training. Which should go pretty quick since I am jam-packed busy the entire time.
BUT, I’m also going to have to watch my eating and make sure that I get to the gym while I am there. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by Easter, so I have 2 weeks to lose 4 pounds. Totally doable, but not if I stuff my face full of crap while I am there and then sit on my butt and eat a devilishly chocolate muffin with my 8th glass of wine.
And that’s all I gots to catch you up on for now. I am off to actually attempt to tackle some of my to do list so I don’t have to work constantly while I am away to play catch up. Let’s see how that does. OY!
Hope ya’ll had a lovely weekend as well.

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