Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guess What I'm Gonna Do?!?!

Guess what Bitches?!

I did something yesterday that is completely out of character for me.

Something I never imagined that I would do.

Something I never imagined that I could do.

I signed up for not one, but TWO 5K's!!!

I know right. Insane.

The first one, is in a month. May 6th to be exact. It is just a local one, which I think will be a bit less daunting them some big thing. They have the course online so I plan on running it a few times before the big day. I'm pretty excited.

The other one is the Color Run. Never heard of it? Take a gander here.

Looks effing amazing right? I've been stalking their website and Facebook page, begging them to come to Boston. Well... apparently enough people bugged them because they announced last week that they were coming!!!

And so exciting... it is on a weekend that I CAN go. I was going to do the New York one, but it was too close to the wedding. Definitely wouldn't have time to drive to New York!

So... yep. TWO 5K's. I feel like a freaking animal. A fast one... like a cheetah!

And... I've been struggling with the Couch to 5K training schedule because I could barely get the two 10 min running intervals done. I mean I was STRUGGLING. So, I decided that there was no point in moving forward when I could barely do this. So, I kept at it. And kept struggling.

Last night? Effing KILLED IT! Seriously. Those two 10 min intervals? Child's play. NOTHING! I could have gone longer. Woo!

So, I'm going to give myself a couple more days to run that and then I am moving up to one 20 min interval. Then it goes 25, and then 30. I can definitely get there in a month. I just need to up my running to about 5 days a week if I want to do this right!

I want to not only complete it, but run it at an acceptable time. Although... I will just be impressed by completing it.

Hmm... maybe I should just set a goal to complete this one and then I can focus on improving before the next one.

Of course, now I need to find something to do between May 6th and July 28th. Maybe a June 5K?

I'm pretty excited. And pretty proud of myself for how far I've come. Today is a good day (although now that I said that it will blow up in my face... as per usual).

That's all for today! Off to actually try to get something accomplished at work.


  1. Awesome! 5k's are the best! you can train for them ... or not... either way you'll do awesome :) they are so fun!!!
    I am doing the color run too! But in charlotte (registration isn't open yet.. boo :( I can't wait!!!!!

  2. That's awesome! I am sure that you will do amazing!


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