Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Life Lesson

So today has already worked its way out to being an interesting one.

I had to go to one of our other offices today, which is over an hour away from my house. I'm not a huge fan of the drive, but the roads aren't too bad, so I pretty much just get to rock out for an hour in my car and get paid for it. And reimbursed for mileage. Tough life.

However, today there was a shooting/hostage situation going on in the next town over from the office and I spent my morning pulling over to the side of the road to let the 8 million state police cars whizz by me.

I tell ya. Nothing makes you want to turn around and go home more that the ever so obviously presence of police cars speeding by you with a sense of urgency.

I listened to the news on the radio and found out the details about the situation, which only made me more uncomfortable. I had no idea where the incident happened, but when I passed a sign stating that I just entered the town that it was going down in... I definitely got nervous.

Following the horrible report of the New Hampshire Police Chief who was killed in a drug raid last night, 7 days before his retirement, it really makes you wonder how safe we really are. I mean all of this is happening in small, relatively uneventful towns... what says that my town isn't next.

And I know I'm getting a little heavy here, but it really makes you wonder what is going on with the world. Big A watches the 11 o'clock news every night and I constantly express my hatred for watching such depressing news right before bed. It certainly doesn't do anything for my wish for sweet dreams of Mark Wahlberg.

I get scared when I hear about these horrible tragedies that effect the lives of these innocent people so intensely. ANd then I feel guilty as I silently thank God that it wasn't my family. I just can't even imagine what it would be like to go through any of it.

I guess it is a lesson to go home and kiss your family members and be thankful for every second that you get to spend with them. Who knows when it will be your last.In one brief second your entire world can be ripped away.

A little deep for a Friday folks. And I apologize, as I'm sure you would much rather be hearing about my drinking excursions. But sometimes, you gotta just take a minute to gain perspective on everything. And my lesson of the day is to never take what you have for granted.

I am thankful that I have an amazing family. A Fiancé who is more than I could have ever dreamed of. A group of friends who are always there for me in the best and worst of times. I'm a lucky girl. And I want to always remember that.

Have a great weekend my lovelies. Enjoy and appreciate every precious minute.

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