Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Celebrity Doppelgangers

When Raven over at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers decided she was going to do a "Who's Your Doppelganger" link-up, I knew I was down.

I had a little trouble getting the first site to work, so I went on MyHeritage. Which was a little better. (Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics)

This is what I got:

Vince Vaughn. Really?

Donny Osmand?

Rowen Atkinson (anyone remember Mr. Bean)

Aaaand Carl Jung. Yeap.

Obviously, they couldn't find any women attractive enough to match me, so they had to come up with those silly men. Jealous website!

When Raven posted this website. I knew I had to try again:

OK. Not too bad. Some attractive ladies in there. And Will Smith? Please tell me it isn't because of my ears!

Then I figured... if I use a more attractive picture, then maybe I will have more attractive results

Apparently not. I have half a mind to crawl under a rock.

Sidenote: When did Fred Durst become a little attractive again?

And that my friends is the list of my celebrity doppelgangers.

In real life? No one compares me to anyone. Someone at work told me that I looked like that girl in Easy A


Want to know your celebrity doppelgangers? Then visit the site above and head on over to Raven's blog and link-up. (Or just read about how hysterical she is and how ridiculously handsome her boys are)


  1. OH WOW. Your matches are very unfortuinate LOL! Will smith? hahaha wow. yeah I had tried both of raven's sites but too much registering.

  2. I can actually see the Emma Stone one!! The second site you used I did as well and it gave me Fred Durst at one point too! Really? Do I look like a dude? haha!

  3. YOU DID NOT GET MR. BEAN!!!!!!!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!! He is like an icon lol!!!

    and I TOTALLY lol'ed LOUDLY to "when did Fred Durst become kind of good looking again" HAHAHAHHAHHAA!!!!!!! I am dying. Just dying. I loved this. and YES, I TOTALLY see Emma Stone. Oh man, this was good hahaha!!!!

  4. I kinda see Brittany Snow and Bethany Joy Lenz (from One Tree Hill).
    No. Fred Durst is NOT allowed to be attractive. Just no.


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