Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Running Running Running

OK... first of all... I would really like for work to unblock some of my favorite blogs, labeling them as: Sex.

C'mon people. It is quite obvious that I am not looking at dirty websites at work, so seriously, chill out. (And if you are wondering who the lucky ones they labeled as: Sex... Life After I Dew and Mama Laughlin... I'm guessing for the L.A.I.D. and MILF references)


Yesterday, I vowed to get back on the healthy train... and then my boss threw a temper tantrum and I had to go to lunch with him. To a Chinese food restaurant with the best buffet ever. Oy. So many bad decisions were made.

I still made myself run though. Partly because I said I would and partly as punishment for having no will power. I definitely paid for it. I may or may not have almost vomited my vegetable lo mein whilst running.

Too graphic? Sorry.

So, I also decided that I needed to complete a 5K. Whether I ran the entire thing or not, I was not stopping until that monitor said 3.1.

I started with my 5 min warm-up (which I won't when I'm doing the actual 5K) and then ran as much as I could, taking a couple breaks, and running as much as I could at the end. I finished in 37 minutes and 28 seconds. Not awesome, but not horrible for the first time that I am trying.

The plan... (and I say this more to hold myself accountable than to entertain you so feel free to skip this one) is to run at least 4 times this week on the treadmill.

Then next week... the plan is to run at least 4 times on the race course that I will be doing on Sunday the 6th. It's right near my work and on my ride home, so I figure why not. Plus... I have never ran outside before and I know that is a whole different ball game.

I don't know what my goal is. Let's say... that I hope to finish it within 35 minutes. That seems pretty doable. Right? If I can do 27:30 with a belly full of MSG then, I should be able to do 35 when I've prepared. Right? Right.

So here we are... T minus 12 days and counting. EEK!


  1. Awesome!!! except for the throwing up part, that's gross lol. My only advice (because I'm such a slacker) is to make sure you're still loving running (again, other than the throwing up). The only reason i'm saying this is that I have run maybe um three times since my 5k months ago. I made myself run so much that I hated it. and that's no good :( I just need to find something to love and it'll be easy. what do they say, when the workout is fun it will get done?

  2. Great job! I had a lapse in judgment last week and signed up for a 5 k for September! Stupid me! ha ha! I downloaded the app couch to 5 L and so far so good! Any tips? talk soon!

  3. You can do it!!! I am soooo slacking these days. I suck a fat one.

  4. Ahhhh I'm considered a sex site!? Is it wrong that I kinda like that? Anywho, you will ROCK this 5K! Promise! It's not that bad, trust me. If I can do one you can! I was sick and slept only 3 hours the night before mine and did it in 35 minutes so you will totally beat me!

  5. I am sure you will do great. I actually find running outside a lot easier. I think it is a psychological thing for me. With running outside, I can kind of see where my end point is and on the treadmill, I'm just staring at the wall and I get bored really quick. That's just me though. I know you will do great and I can't wait to see what your time is!! I think you will surprise yourself!


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