Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Alright... so work has apparently listed every blog that I read as a sex website.
A) That sucks. Does that mean I am going to have to read everything on my Ipad? That's obnoxious
B) It better not last long. There's some sites they don't ban forever
C) What have you dirty birds been writing about that makes them think you are inappropriate
D) I'm wondering when IT is going to call me and ask why I am repeatedly trying to get on porn sites. Ug.

I may want to call unemployment... just to get a heads up on the process.

Anywho... enough about the sexy sexy. It's So What! Wednesday!

I'm linking up with the wonderful Shannon (who as you read yesterday is the original blocked website).

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I've wanted to call out of work this week 3/3 days. Ug. I just can't take work right now. It annoys me. (And now that they are blocking my blogs, I really want to stay home)

* When I get nervous about the wedding it feel like it is practically tomorrow, but when I start to get excited about it, it feels like it is a million years away. I wish my crazy brain could settle on a middle ground.

* I really want to throw a temper tantrum about the fact that a Florida honeymoon is on hold. We both deserve it and it SUCKS that we don't get to do it. Hopefully, we can find time and money to go later, but it's just not the same. Wah. I know.

* The new guy at work came over to talk to me and I immediately felt bad that I labeled him as a drone because he is actually a really nice and friendly guy. Ug. I hate that sometimes my first reaction is to be an anti-social asshole. Guess I got to work on that one.

* I am so mother effing excited that Jackums will be having her baby any day now. Like, so excited I can't even take it. Come on out Baby Girl! Auntie K wants to meeeet yoooou!

* I think that I have some issues to work on if the words "mother effing" (could be worse) are the words that come to mind when I am talking about a baby. Maybe I should work on that whole swearing thing before I have kids of my own.

* I'm pretty sure that one of my kids' first words will be the F word. I'm not proud of that, it is just a fact. Anyone that knows Big A, knows that is a very real possibility (and let's pretend that I won't be to blame either)

* I went to drop off the scam "labor inducing cream cheese" to Jackums at the old daycare that I used to work at and I missed it... bad. It's OK to miss it... as long as I understand that I can't go back unless I win the lottery.

* I've been buying those $1,000 a week for life scratch tickets every week... I'm bound to win something sometime. Right?

That's all for today Lovahs! I'm off to go make that cheddah...or at least make it look like I'm too important to fire over attempting to look at "sex" sites at work.


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