Thursday, May 24, 2012

And the Link-Up Winner is...

All morning I've been attempting to come up with a cool button for tomorrow's link-up.

But, if I have learned two things in my google search, they are:

1) Don't google foxy lady at work. Bad news bears. IT should be visiting me shortly.


2) Megan Fox looked 8 million times better before her scary plastic surgery.


Soo... I'm going to work on it later.

But, I'm sure you can tell by now that Foxy Friday won!

It wasn't a huge turn out, but it was more than just me who voted, so I'm happy about that.

Thanks to Leah who came up with the name!

So... tomorrow! Get ready girls!

We are going to be starting out with our stats: weight, measurements, pics. I know, I know... it's scary throwing all of that info out there, but I've done it and so can you.

Don't believe me? Remember this hideous post?

Yeap... I went there.

The whole point of this little link-up is support. I had been trying to lose weight forEVER, but I couldn't stick to it. I kept making excuse after excuse and FINALLY when I realized that I was going to have to look at my wedding pictures forever and KNEW that I would be unhappy with them... something in me changed.

Thankfully, right around that time, Kristen started her Firm Fridays and while she doesn't need to lose a pound, it really helped me hold myself accountable.

15 pounds later. I feel like a new person. I looked back at our pictures from our Engagement party and I told Big A that I felt like I was wearing a fat suit. Not exactly something I'm proud of. I don't like having those pictures of me out there.

BUT, if I keep at it, some day I will be happy with my body and maybe those pictures won't bother me as much anymore.

The support really helped me. The e-mails and comments that came flooding in when I had a great week and lost a good amount. And more importantly the support that came in when I wasn't doing so well and kind of got off track.

So... I'm hoping that this can help me get back on track and lose those last 15 pounds... and maybe, just MAYBE I can help someone else get on track. Because we all know, if you aren't happy with yourself, you generally aren't happy.

So take those pics, take those measurements, and step on that dreaded scale and I will see you back here tomorrow for our FIRST link-up!

We will all get "foxy" together and we will make this whole weight loss / bikini body mission our biatch!



  1. 15lbs is HUGE! You should feel so proud!!! And dude, Megan Fox, WTF!?

  2. I am so glad you are keeping up with this! YOU GO GIRL@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Excited!!! and I think it's super rad you lost 15 lbs... that's the best!
    I am on a diet kick again! finally! this time I think i'm doing the blood type diet. yeah?


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