Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters


I couldn't resist.. I know... two day.

But it beats actually doing work right?

Dear Hot Pink Nail Polish, I'm kind of obsessed with you. I saw you on a girl in the cafeteria and I had to make you mine. If you were trying to make me jealous... it worked.

Dear Instagram, why didn't you tell me that I could take your pics and e-mail them to myself so I could have them on my blog? I thought everyone else was just special and I wasn't. Not cool.

Dear Mr. Fresh, thank you for being so handsome. It really makes it easier for me to still love you when you are not being the best Border Collie that you could be. Also, thanks for dealing with the 8 million names that I refer to you as.
Dear Long Weekend, get here fast. Seriously. 3 hours and 42 minutes left. After that, I'm going to make you my biatch.

Dear Bank Account, please replenish yourself. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and I do not want to feel guilty about it.

Dear Last 15 pounds, please disappear relatively quickly. I'll do the work, I promise. Just please don't bust my balls. (If you missed this morning's Foxy Friday post you can see it here. We have a couple of lovely ladies who have already linked up... so join us!)

Dear Housing Market, do my a favor and please stay "a buyer's market" for a little bit longer. Also, if you could throw a couple amazing houses with everything we want/need on the market... in the area that we want.. I would totally owe you one.

Dear Temp, please stop driving me nuts. Because seriously, at this point, I think you are doing this on purpose. I do not need to know what you are doing at every moment. I do not need to know every time you had a misfeed in the copy machine (trust me I hear it). And I DO NOT need you going against literally EVERYTHING I say. Please finish your responsibilities here before I snap. (And to think I woke up with morning vowing to be nicer to you)

Dear Perfect Strapless Bathing, Perfect Wedges for my Bridal Shower, and Perfect Bandeau for Bridal Shower Dress, please make yourselves exist. In my price range. Seriously. This shouldn't be this hard. I haven't even found anything that is OUT of my price range. You simply do not exist. Fix that. Thanks!

Oh, I could go on FOREVER. We all know that. Now, head on over to Ashley's blog and link up(Of course, that's AFTER you go and link-up for Foxy Friday, right?!)

Alright. Smooches! Have a great long weekend. I'll try to stop being lame and actually take some pictures this weekend. I'm sure you will enjoy that more than my rambling.  


  1. I love that nail polish! so pretty!

    and I love all your letters soo true!

  2. cute nails and adorable ring too girl :) cute blog! xo


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