Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What! if...

* I am writing this when I should be preparing for my staff meeting... whoops!

* I cleaned my entire house on Monday, but still haven't managed to attack the gigantic piles of laundry that need to be washed. The machine at our apartment is expensive... and we all know I'm cheap.

* I can't wait to get the invitations for the wedding done and out, purely for the fact that it will be one less gigantic box out of my living room.

* When the man working at the post office told me that he hopes that my marriage works out because I spent enough on postage, I totally got what he was saying. Haha.

* The things that come flying out of Big A's mouth still crack me up. Last night I asked him if he knew how handsome he was. His response? "Umm... yeah... obviously". He tried to cover that up with saying I tell him all the time, but we all know that he thinks he looks good. Haha. I guess self-esteem isn't a problem in our house.

* After having Monday off I don't want to work anymore. Ever. Why can't I just be a woman of leisure?

* I am deeply saddened by the fact that I have finished all 3 "Shades of Grey" books. I'll write a little response to what I think. But for now... I'm heartbroken.

* I am DYING for Summer weather... and a tan. This Irish girl needs a nice wedding glow and these rainy days are for the birds.

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  1. ooh i'm about to do a whole post on shades of gray. ok probably everyone would unfollow me because I have some knowledge to drop that nobody's going to like (AKA get ready for my twilight similarities lists).

    do you ever get mystic tan? It's the best (until it starts to peel off) but feeling tan = best ever!

  2. if it's any help people have told me there will be a 4th 50 book!

  3. I am the 2nd book and really getting hooked. U guys r freaking me out - I need to have a HOT wonderful ending!

  4. Paying for laundry sucks. It does get expensive so we try to cut costs by hanging our clothes on a drying rack in our apartment! We save money by only using the dryer minimally and our clothes are usually dry the next day!

  5. We have to pay for our laundry too and I hate it!! Luckily I have enough clothes to usually go about three weeks before having to do it again, haha! The comment about Big A and his self esteem had me cracking up! Funny stuff!


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