Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one, if I do say so myself.

Sometimes I am left feeling robbed of my weekend. It feels too short. It was too stressful. I spent it doing things that I really would rather NOT do.

But this weekend... I approve.

Friday we hung out with J & N, as per usual. N and I are obsessed with the show Grimm, so we try to get the boys together and then send them off somewhere else so that we can drink wine and watch it in peace. Genius.

Saturday, I hung out with Pickles for most of the day. Running a couple boring errands. But then I met up with my girls and we put together the WEDDING INVITATIONS!!! I have to say, after a couple minor heart attacks, but relatively low mistakes, they are done and I can NOT wait to send them out and have them out of my house! They go out the beginning of June so I will write a post about them then. I'm in love with them. They came out perfect.

Sunday, Big A and I had our initial cake tasting. It was a quick 20 minute meeting to be introduced to the owner (who worked with us personally, which I thought was pretty cool), gathering information, and we tried a few basic cakes. Which were all delicious. Big A even admitted that he enjoyed it! GASP! I know.

Then I spent a good portion of the afternoon hanging out with this sweet girl:

Seriously... at 10 days old, this child has to be the most chill newborn I have ever come into contact with. She's a dream. Thanks Jackums and B-Ry for letting us crash your house for awhile and obsess over your baby girl!

Then it was time for the first grilling of the season. Yumm... Shishkabobs!

I love grilling for a few reasons. 1) It's relatively easy and there isn't a lot of clean-up. 2) You get to be outside. And 3) Big A comes out and hangs out and we get to spend some extra time together that we wouldn't if I was cooking inside. (And he let me do a photo shoot sooo... who doesn't love that! haha)

Mr. Fresh begging. Shocking.

Ya know... just two crazy kids in love.

A little better.

Sidenote cute story: Big A and I were talking about how nice it still was outside since it was like 8:30, and he turns to me and says, "I hope it is always like this" and I said, "The weather? Well, we live in Mass so probably not" and he said, "No, us. I hope that we are always able to have fun and enjoy being with each other. Forever." AWWWWW!!!

He's just so damn sweet sometimes!!!

Trying to get a pic with Mr. Fresh by bribing him with food. But, he just stole it off the fork when Big A wasn't paying attention. Sooo.... so much for THAT plan.

And a brief example of what Mr. Fresh does to the bed while we are gone. Notice the little pillow fort on the right. He's usually found there. Also, notice that he COULD have ripped the sheets moving everything, but he didn't. Because he wasn't pissed at us. FRESH!

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! I for one am looking forward to the 3 day weekend coming up. It's going to be a long week getting there, but it will be worth it. We don't have many plans other than J$'s Graduation Party (Smarty just graduated with her MBA...brat! I kid... I'm so proud of her!).

Happy Monday Folks!


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