Friday, May 18, 2012

Workin' on my Fitness...

Hello Lovers,

Two posts... one day! You lucky ducks.

So... I decided... with some help... to stick with Friday for the fitness posts. It works for me and works for other people. That way I have a week until I have to admit how much I screwed things up over the weekend!

With the help of the lovely Leah, (seriously... check her out. Love her) we came up with a few different names:

  1. Miss. Fit Friday
  2. Foxy Friday
  3. Fight the Fat Friday
  4. Fit Friday
I put a poll up over on the right so you can vote. I'll announce the winner on Thursday and we can kick this ish off with a bang next Friday!

Just think of how freakin' smokin' we will be this Summer! (Although I'm supposed to be in a bathing suit next weekend and I'm not quite sure if my body image is up for it yet! EEK!)

Soo... vote people.... VOTE!!!



  1. OOh how about foxxxy friday? ok that's way too dirty and people might think it has to do with a different type of 'physical activity.'

    Thanks for the shout out!!!
    And i'm sorry in advance for anyone who checks out my blog, then gets major sadface for my Mr. Grey bashing. You guys, I'm sorry :(


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