Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Belated Weekend Recap

After some major struggling, I finally got the pics off my phone.

It took me e-mailing them twice. Then shutting off the phone, taking the battery out, and restarting it. THEN they actually sent. My phone is officially a POS and this officially is NOT my week.


Here we are.

Friday, Mr. Fresh and I went for a walk in the new neighborhood that I found. 3.5 miles later and we were home. I got ready to go out and couldn't find him when I went to leave. Here he was. Under the coffee table. He sat up and posed when I came over. He must have been ti-red!

I went out for Mexican food and Margaritas with N and J$. Delicious. It really isn't fair that we have once so close that is pretty much in the middle of our three houses. Bad news bears. But it was DELICIOUS.

J$ brought me these beautiful flowers from her garden. They make the house smell LOVELY.

Saturday it was disgusting out. It poured rain ALL.DAY.LONG. I had to wake up uber early on Sunday, so Big A and I decided to just lay low that night and stay in. I was at the grocery store with my mom and walked past the seafood section. Then I had an idea.

You see... every Valentine's Day Big A and I do two things to celebrate. We go out to dinner, on ANY other night. The weekend before, the weekend after, the day before, the day after, whatever. We went out to dinner one Valentines Day and it was PACKED. We were literally sitting at the same table as some other family. We vowed never again.

On the ACTUAL day, I get crab legs (and it used to be lobster tails but after two HORRIBLE situations, we no longer do that. I tried to see if I posted on it before, but I couldn't see. Let's just say it was effing nasty). And I make some rice and some veggies and we pig out.

This Valentine's Day was spent at the funeral home for my grandfather's wake. And while it wasn't the ideal way to spend the holiday of love, it was more important for Big A and I to be there with the family. And I wouldn't change the time we spent together for the world (well... maybe I would have it NOT be in a funeral home, but...)

We kept saying that we would make up for it, but it just hadn't worked out yet. We didn't have the money, or we forgot, or we made other plans, or whatever. The Stop & Shop near us JUST started selling seafood and only has some fish and shrimp I think, so I never even think about anything else.

So, I bought them and surprised Big A.

Defrosting them in the sink

Dinner. Crab legs, Basmati Rice, and Green Beans (Big A's fave)

We watched the movie Grandma's Boy (if you haven't seen it then you DEFINITELY need to. It is effing hysterical) and called it an early night. It was the perfect way to spend a rainy, cold Saturday night.

Sunday, I woke up bright and early at 6:00 AM and N picked me up. We were volunteering to help set up the PMC Kid's Ride event that was going on in the next town over. A close friend of ours was coordinating it so we were definitely up to help.

J$ and Ry-Dizzle were the ones who recruited us (Well J$ did, but it is Ry-Dizzle's sister who puts on the event, so we will throw him in there too haha).

N & J$ decorating the riding area with balloons.
So silly.

The rest of the day was spent doing chores. As most Sundays turn out unfortunately. I had to go grocery shopping, wash the sheets, clean up the apartment a little, and get all of the laundry put together to bring over to my parents' house (we have a coin-op at the apartment, so I do most of the laundry over at my parents' house when I go there for Sunday dinner. I usually just do our comforter and sheets at the apartment unless we are desperate)

I stocked up on all of the healthy food that I will need to get my ass back on track. With the dress fitting less than 6 weeks away, it is GO time. Gotta keep it together.

I headed to my parents' house for Sunday dinner. We were honored by the presence of my Nanny (Grandmother) and my cousin and her husband. It was seriously the BEST time. It was great to see everyone, catch-up, and just have a nice time. (The bottle of wine my mom bought me helped too heh)

After that, it was time to face the inevitable. Sunday night. The end of the weekend. I packed my super healthy breakfast/snacks/lunch for Monday and called it a night.

Proof. Salad with chicken & goat cheese. Strawberries & Grapes. A Cheese stick. Non-fat vanilla yogurt, and Cinnamon bread for breakfast.

It is hard for me to get back into eating like this. I'm not usually interested in breakfast, but I try to eat something since I know it is good. Then, when I am being good. I try to eat a little something every couple of hours like they say too. It seems like SO MUCH food, but in all reality it was only about 700 calories, which left me with 500 for the evening. Not too shabby.

And THAT my friends is my weekend re-cap that I struggled to write. These pictures apparently did NOT want to be posted. So... I hope you enjoy it, because it was a royal pain in the ass.

Happy Tuesday. Three more days until I can escape from work again.


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