Thursday, June 28, 2012

Date Night: Improved

Last week I wrote this post about Big A and I's date night.

Big A and I have a good thing going. (Well duh! otherwise we wouldn't be getting married!) We do. I can honestly say that we are absolute best friends. We have a blast together and most of the time our relationship just goes with the flow.

But sometimes, we take for granted how good we have it and forget that sometimes we need to put in a little extra work to get things back on track. I hate saying the word work though. Maybe effort? Commitment? I don't know the word I am looking for, but you get it.

So, I had decided, and Big A agreed, that we needed to do a little something more with our weekly date night. Sitting in front of the TV with both of us on computers, barely talking doesn't cut it. Maybe for a regular night, but not date night.

A month or two ago, I got an e-mail from Groupon. Which I stalk daily, but I never actually buy anything. I saw an advertisement for 2 hours of bowling for 2 people for $15 and thought... hmmm... that sounds like fun. We all know bowling can get on the expensive side, so I figured what can you lose with $15 right? So I bought it and it has sat on our fridge ever since.

Until last night. We finally made it out. Anyone who knows Big A, knows it is like pulling teeth to get him to do anything outside of his normal routine, but once you actually GET him there, he has a blast (usually).

And you know what? We had SO much fun. Usually, we are uber competitive. It's bad. We both HATE losing. And it can sometimes turn into an issue (I know. I know. We are 12) But we had a GREAT time!!!

Especially since I kicked his ass all 5 games!

Yeah I took pictures. "Someone" skipped to the next game before I could get a pic of the first one.
At one point in two games we were tied and it was at 44 both times!

At first, Big A was a little annoyed he wasn't doing better. (And I may or may not have been rubbing it in his face) But I told him that he was taller than me, faster than me, and stronger than me. He could beat me at any REAL sport, just let me have bowling. That's all I gots. (And mini-golf. He's NEVER beat me at mini-golf). After that he seemed to be fine.

Big A also decided that he was going to be my Bowling Pimp and I would be his Bowling Hoe. Then we would go to the bowling alleys and scam people out of money. Haha. The crazy things he comes up with! I tried to explain that it wasn't that I was that good, it was that he was that bad. Haha.

AND I totally ruined my diet by drinking beer and eating pizza. But you know what... I don't really care. I had the BEST time with Big A and it was worth the extra calories. (Plus did you know that according to MyFitnessPal two hours of bowling burns 445 calories? Don't know if it is true, but I'm believing it!)

That's all for today folks! Just wanted to thank everyone for entering the "I DO" shoe crystal giveaway yesterday. I can't believe how many people entered! I thought there would be like one person. Haha.

Haven't entered yet? You still have time! You can enter until Sunday night, I will be picking the winner Monday morning. Go here to find out how to enter!



  1. Bowling is so fun! Have you been to King's? It is expensive but a "nicer" type of place to go!

  2. Stopping in from the Comment Challenge. Big A sounds like myself. I hate going out and doing things, like hanging out with other people but usually once I get there, I have a great time. Congrats on getting engaged! Hope the wedding planning goes smoothly and your day turns out amazing!



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