Thursday, June 14, 2012

Date Night

I wasn't too sure what I was going to write about today.

To be dead honest, yesterday kicked my sorry ass and I am a bit lacking in the whole brains department today. (Yeah yeah, everyday, yeah yeah)

But, then I read Kristin's post today and the light bulb went on.

You see, today Kristin is celebrating her 4 year wedding anniversary with her husband. They have been together for a total of 10 years. And honestly, while that shouldn't be a surprise or anything abnormal it seems that long, lasting marriages are going the way of the Dodo Bird.

Figured you would want to know what a Dodo Bird looked like too!

I've been thinking more and more about this lately as we get closer to my own impending nuptials and I wonder what will happen to us. Big A and I are no stranger to struggles. We have always worked at our relationship when it needed it. We've always made each other a priority.

The truth of the matter is that although I may want to hit him with a frying pan some days, my life is a million times better with him in it, even during the bad times.

One thing that we have done to improve our relationship (and Kristin mentions it in her post today) is we have our weekly date night. Wednesday. Wednesday is OUR night. No friends. No plans. Just us and some quality time. Big A usually has Wednesdays off so it works out well that he is around when I am home and all ready (ya know after the 8 billion things we all do after work: work out, shower, clean, blah blah blah).

We don't usually plan anything for date night. Sometimes we will talk about whether we are going out for dinner, or ordering take-out, or whether I need to take something out of the freezer for dinner, but that's about as far as it goes.

Sometimes we make grand plans to order a movie, or go out and do something, but they almost never happen. To say that our date nights have been lacking lately would be an understatement. I mean, granted, it is one night  week that we make sure that we are both home for, and time together doing whatever is better than time apart, but... honestly, we have been slacking.

We may go out to dinner, or order take-out, but we have been trying to save money because of the wedding. So we do nothing. Pretty much.

Honestly, we watch TV, barely talking. Sometimes Big A is on the computer. Sometimes I am on my phone. We are together, but their isn't much quality to our time.

And we need to work on that. Seriously. Because I think that when you stop working at that quality time, is when things start to fall apart. You need to make time  for each other. Or else that's how people wake up as strangers.

We need this. Planning a wedding is stressful. All aspects of it. Just take normal life stress and then add all the stress of planning, organizing, MORE money problems. I mean, I think we are both in need of a vacation. But...we can't really afford to do much right now since we are pinching pennies. And Big A has a few more weeks until he gets some vacation time. Sometimes, I feel like you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. And it isn't really about each other... it's just life...and we are there. Ya know.

So, here's where I need you Dolls. I had bought a cheap bowling thing on Groupon which I thought would be fun. But other than that, I am at a loss for some cheap, fun date night ideas. We live in Massachusetts, so I know it would be hard to list specific ideas... but what do you and YOUR Hunnys do for dates?

We like mini-golf, but the weather hasn't been great, so we haven't had a chance to go.  

So thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Throw them all at me!


  1. Go for a drive in that sexy car, and stop for ice cream :-)

  2. I love this. Keep talking to each other. And you will be just fine!


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