Friday, June 1, 2012

Foxy Friday: Week 2

Hello Lovers!
And welcome to Foxy Friday! Our weekly fitness link-up!
I have to say, getting back on the band-wagon is HARD. Seriously.
Add that to the fact that I currently don't belong to a gym and I feel like this week was kind of a fail.
I watched what I ate this week, which I think contributes to the fact that I haven't GAINED anything back, but I definitely didn't exercise as much as I could.
Last night, Mr. Fresh and I FINALLY found a good place to go walking near our house. I'm madly in love with the neighborhood and I told Big A that I want to live there some day. It was picture perfect.
AND it was about 2.5 miles for one loop. I think next time if it isn't so hot then I will definitely do more than one loop. We plan on going back. Most definitely.
But, that was it folks. That's all I did this week.
I am planning on going to the gym and signing up after work. Monetarily it just wasn't a good idea for me to do it before today. (Damn planning a wedding is EXPENSIVE)
So, here's my promise since I sucked so bad this week. I WILL go the the gym (or have some comparable exercise) at least three times next week. I will also take Mr. Fresh on that long walk at least two times next week.
That's five days. I think that is a pretty good plan.
Welp, here are the stats:

Oh wait... isn't that last weeks? Yeap, yeah it is. I didn't bother to change it since nothing else changed. (Secretly I am hoping that tomorrow I will see a difference. For some reason I can weigh myself all week, but it is Saturdays that I see my drop. Anyone know why that is? Weird)
Welp. I hope you guys did better than me. I vow to be a better me next week. I'm not going to get Foxy sitting on my behind and eating Bon Bons all day.
How did you all do?


  1. yeah I didn't do anything this week. But i finally have a plan to start um... next week! Darn weekends and festivals and food trucks. Plus I need to go to the grocery store. For real! The target frozen food section's not quite helping in my healthy eating (excuses!)

    What you eat is 80% so I think it's okay that you've been at least eating well. And yay for a new place to walk!

  2. Good job! No gain is a big accomplishment too! This week, for 5 whole days, everyday, I've done that ab challenge! After day 3 I thought I was going to die from the pain but now it's nothing! And I think I'm seeing results. Im going to wait till half way to see how I'm doing! My eating has been on key this week! Hopefully can last through the weekend!

  3. I restarted logging what I eat into MyFitnessPal, and I worked out with the trainer one day, and I have an exciting gym workout planned on Saturday with someone inspiring!


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