Friday, June 8, 2012

Foxy Friday

Down at Fraggle Rock
It's that time again! Step on that scale, take those measurements, and pat yourself on the back!
Because regardless of what your results are this week, you are TRYING and that is a great first step!
Now onto the good stuff!
I was bummed last week when I didn't see the scale move, but I wasn't surprised.
I mean, c'mon... you don't lose those love handles while sitting on the couch watching Veronica Mars.
So, I got up off my butt and DID something this week.
I came up with a game plan on Monday.
And here's how I did!

1. Go to the Gym at least 3 times a week (which would mean that I actually need to get my ass there and actually sign-up)
I signed up on Monday. Met with a personal trainer on Tuesday. She did my body fat percentage and just an overall diagnostic of me. I was impressed with the results. And the fact that I don't have far to go to get into her "good" zone. I told her about all I had done and she was impressed. Made me feel good! I have also been to the gym 3 times this week already. And going today. And maybe tomorrow.

2. Take Mr. Fresh for one of our 2.5 - 3.5 mile walks at least 2 times a week.
I have tried, but it has been pouring rain on and off every day. I swear the second that I go to take him for a walk the skies open up and forget it. I'm hoping to get out early today and take him for a walk before I hit the gym.

3. Stick to 1200 calories a day. (This is a hard one)
I've done pretty well with this. Mon: 1,272 (with 374 left over from calories burned) Tues: 1,203 (the only day I technically went "over" since I didn't work out) Wed: 1454 (I know, bad, but I still had 260 left over) Thurs: 1273 (446 left over)
Not awesome. Not too bad.
 4. NO alcoholic beverages during the week. (I don't drink much during the week now anyway...except for the occasional drink after a long day, or the entire bottle of wine that I drank to my face at family dinner last night... but Sunday is technically the WEEKEND!)
I did well with this. I almost caved last night. I went out to dinner with J$ and ordered a Skinny Pink Lemonade. Thankfully, it was disgusting and I only had 2 sips before I asked for water.
 5. Limit alcoholic beverages on the weekend. This means that I need to watch what I drink, and hopefully go for more calorie conscience options. Which also means that I will be using hard alcohol, so I should probably watch myself on that too.
Hasn't been the weekend yet. BUT, I have a Gradutation Party tomorrow. Ruh Roh... I will be strong!
6. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. (I used to be better at this, but since I fell in love with Diet Coke it has been slacking)
I did OK with this. I wasn't awesome. I definitely drank more than I usually did, but not was much as I should have.

7. Limit Diet Cokes to 2-3 times a week.
I've had 2 so far this week. Which is amazing. And I'm not huddled in a corner shaking from withdrawals, so I think I am kicking this habit.

So, not awesome. Not bad. Better than before. Not the best I can be.

I also bought some Fish Oil supplements. They smell like a dirty hooker's ass, but according to Jillian Michaels, Fish Oil helps with burning fat and boosting metabolism. And that girl's body is the so I will rub dog shit all over me if she tells me it will help me get into shape.

I also bought a daily multivitamin. I was taking them before and felt great. They have some stuff in them (which I don't remember what) that is good for boosting metabolism as well. So we shall see.

Now for the results. Like I said before. I for whatever reason lose my weight on Saturdays, so this is my weight from last Saturday. HOPING to see something tomorrow since I have been working my ass off.

1 pound is better than nothing, right?

Didn't do measurements because I suck. Will definitely do them next week. Hoping to see something there.

How did everyone else do?

Come back Monday for my new weekly goals. I'd put them here, but I've rambled enough and you are all probably sick of my by now.

So, link up bitches. Tell me how Foxy you were this week!


  1. I think you did super awesome this week! You signed up for the gym, worked with a trainer and stayed reallly close to your calories every night. Have you started the 30 day ab workout yet? I am on day 4. It is TOUGH! but I like to pretend I'm already smaller. TOTALLY forgot to check my inches. oh well :/

  2. Wow! Great progress this week! The fact that you signed up at the gym is great! It's a big step!! I have still being doing the 30 day ab workout. Do you have myfitness pal? I should look you up and we can follow eachother! xo


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