Friday, June 29, 2012

Foxy Friday

Down at Fraggle Rock

Hello Lovelies!

And welcome to another Foxy Friday!

There are a lot of new followers this week, so I figured I would start with a bit of an introduction to what Foxy Friday actually is.

Back in January, Blogger Extraorindaire Kristen started Firm Fridays. We had all got a little crazy over the holidays and it was time to get our acts together. Now, Kristen lives in Florida... so while I had the beauty of imagining bathing suit season months and months away, she has it all year round.

I had been wanting to get myself back into shape for a LONG time. I had put on quite a bit of "love pounds" since starting to date Big A a bagillion years ago, and I really wanted to start feeling good about myself. Not to mention I was to be wearing the most unflattering color in the entire world in just 9 months.

So, I hoped on board. In fact, here's my first post. (Try not to scream at the "before" picture). I did Firm Fridays for awhile until Kristen stopped doing them. I mean, check that girl in a bikini. She doesn't need it. My muffin top told me I should go ahead and keep going. (What?! Your excess fat doesn't speak to you at time? Strange.)

Thus Foxy Friday was born. Something to keep me on track. Something to hold me accountable. Something that could link a bunch of women together who were going through the same thing. It had really helped me to have encouragement from my fellow blog lovahs when I was having a hard week. Or even if I had a bomb ass week, it was nice to get a pat on the back.

So, here we are. I've slacked a bit since losing the first (almost) 20 pounds, so I am trying to get myself back on track since I still have about 10 to go. (And not to mention my dress fitting is in 15 days. EEK!)

So for this week... here's my progress.
Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

I'm hoping to see at least a little something, but I wasn't awesome this week. I drank two nights out of the week and let's not even talk about the Bacon & Onion pizza I shoved down my throat on date night. I know what I did wrong though, so I know what to fix.

I am, however, declaring this week as a win though. For two reasons:

1. I have done my 300 Ab Challenge Without fail. And oh baby Can I feel it. I'm hoping to have some progress pics for you next week. I took some when I first started it a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping that since I am actually sticking to it now, there will be some result.

2. This week damn near killed me. Seriously. I don't know if I went too heavy on my workout on Monday, or if everything is just catching up to me. But I am exhausted. Like barely being able to walk, wanna stay home and cry in my pillow, almost falling asleep while driving to work, exhausted. BUT... I went to the gym Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday. Despite how I felt, I still got my ass there. I didn't plan on going yesterday since I had plans to catch up with Jackums and Baby M (best friends and cute babies trump workouts every.time.)

I'm proud of myself for sticking through it. Even when I didn't feel like it. I just kept asking myself, "How bad do you really want this?"

Plus it helps that there is this like 8 month pregnant chick that comes into my gym and kills it on the elliptical. Seriously, she looks amazing. She's my hero. I want to be here when I grow up and become crazy enough to pro-create!

Lastly... because I'm sure you haven't read enough of my blabber, I bought this last week:

It is a tape measurer. (Duh!) But you wrap it around the body part that you want to measure, and then hook it into that slot on the right, and press the button. The tape measurer then tightens around the body part so that you can get an accurate measurement.

Seriously. It is amazing. I struggle sometimes with holding onto the tape measurer, especially when I am doing my arm since it is one-handed. So this was awesome. And it was uber cheap. You can find it here. (And no, no one sponsored this, I just love it and wanted to pass it along)

Alright Bishes... now it is your turn. How did you do this week? Do we have any new members this week? Jump on the band wagon. Let us know how FOXY you can be! Now link-up!

(And if you haven't entered the "I DO" Shoe Crystal Giveaway, you still have time. Go here. Winner will be announced on Monday!)


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  1. i stayed the same this week... but whatever. could be! I love the tape measure omg that's awesome!


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