Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Letters

I just can't resist. I LOVE Friday's Letters.

Besides, I'm pretty sure that Ashley just helped find my rehearsal dinner dress, so now I love her even more!

Dear Blog Friends, looking for Foxy Friday? Go here! I refuse to choose to just do Foxy Friday OR Friday's Letters, so I do both! BAM!

Dear Beautiful Neighborhood Near My Apartment, please have one of your house go up for sale. Preferably one with 3 bedrooms, a nice backyard, and a garage. In our price range. Too much to ask? I'll be worth it, I promise. I will bake everyone cookies and I will ALWAYS have a beer cup of sugar for a neighbor to borrow!

Dear Weekend, please do not go by as fast as last weekend. Thanks!

Dear Wedding, hurry up and get here already.

Dear Office, please finish packing yourself. Thanks a bunch!

Dear Big A, thank you for dealing with me when I am a hot mess. I know that a normal person would probably just tell you what was wrong off the bat, but I find it so much more intriguing to start crying as you are telling me about your day and THEN tell you what is wrong. I appreciate you never calling me psycho to my face.

Dear Dinosaur Lady, if you can help it, can you please check your behind before leaving the bathroom? The fact that you had toilet paper sticking out the back of your pants was just too much for me. I had to leave and find someone mature enough to deal with the situation. As I hid in the bathroom stall and giggled. It really doesn't speak well of my professionalism, but honestly... who could blame me?

Dear Lovely Lady Friends, Mexican Food, and Margaritas, I look forward to enjoying all of you equally this evening. (Although we all know who is my favorite... the margaritas)

Dear Gym, I know that you had a baller deal for the month of May, but if you could... can you up the stakes and have an even MORE baller deal for June. I'm poor and don't want to pay a lot. Thanks!

Welp. That's all for today. I could go on writing forever, but I don't want to punish you all for the fact that I apparently have too much time on my hands.

Now, head on over to Ashley's blog and link-up. Also, check out the amazing dresses she showed from Kiki La Rue. I somehow need to find a money tree because I desperately need multiple things from that website.


  1. If you find a money tree, can I have some of the seeds to plant my own? Ashley's dress is super cute, but I just can't!! Have a great weekend. I hope you enjoy margaritas and Mexican food. Sounds like a great combo.

  2. omggg the kiki la rue dresses are to die for! I did a post featuring our blog button swap and did a little summary/shout out to you. Check it out here-
    Have an awesome weekend!


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