Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

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I've been trying like hell to get that button to work.

Thank you Blogger for finally stopping being a pain in my (proverbial) balls and working.

Anywho... Friday's Letters. Let's do this!

Dear Tacos, Please be warned that it has been a long time since I have had one of you. Consider this your heads up that I plan to ravage you later. I've been singing the "Taco Song" since 8:00 AM. It's on Baby. Get ready!

Dear Self, when you start talking dirty to food (like tacos) it is time to get some professional help.

Dear Mrs. C, thank you for FINALLY having your baby. I can't wait to meet Baby L and I promise not to hog him too much. Well... I promise to try not to hog him too much.

Dear Building Owners, please be advised that the next time you put up a tent, a bounce house, and a giant cooler filled with alcohol and DON'T invite me... then I will be THAT guy and crash the party! I am a good time, trust me, you want me at your party. I don't care if it isn't for my company.

Dear Job Market, please for the love of God stop sucking so much. I need a new job, career, pay scale, environment, whatever, ASAP. Fix yourself by the time the wedding rolls around. Thanks Bitch!

Dear New Boss, thank you for not saying anything (yet) about me not going to your staff meeting. It isn't anything personal, but the thought of sitting for 6 hours for the second time this week, makes me want to cause physical harm to myself purely so I can get out of it. I will throw myself down the stairs. Please think of our safety statistics before you comment on this. Thanks.

Dear Summer, you are finally here! I'm so excited. I plan to make sure that you and I are best friends. With that being said... please don't take it personally that I kind of want you to fly by... I am getting married after all. And we all know I'm impatient.

Dear Mr. Fresh, I understand that I was playing with your tail last night, but that was no excuse to scratch me in the neck. I know you are going to say it was an "accident" and that you were just trying to get my attention, but we all know what you really did. And second, if you don't want me playing with your tail then move out of my personal space. Got it. Love you!

Dear Big Ugly Spiders in the Hallway, I see you multiplying. And I know you are after me. But before you attack, please remember my ninja skills that killed your brother when he tried to land on my head yesterday. I will do the same to you. You have been warned.

Alright Lovers. That's all I gots for today.

Although I do have a very exciting FIRST giveaway opportunity they may or may not be coming up next week! I'm SUPER excited.


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  1. love this list hun! and adorable blog by the way :) happy friday!


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