Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters

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Dear Spiders in the Hallway, don't think I didn't notice that you have multiplied overnight. And I KNOW I am outnumbered. Seriously though, watch your back. Because as soon as that little thing in Big A's brain kicks in that tells him I have asked him to do something 12,000 times and he should finally do it? You're toast. Be afraid. Very afraid. We're at 11,999. Your days are numbered.

Dear Karma, seriously. What's with the effing spiders? Did I do something wrong?

Dear Fat Kid Living Inside Me, I understand that we have lots of events coming up. Lots of cookouts, parties, etc. I need you to keep your cool. The wedding is only 71 days away and I need to stay on track. If you so choose to get out of line, I WILL cut you. Got it?

Dear Bank Account, we made it two whole weeks without getting yelled at for sucking at life. Let's stay on this positive note, shall we?

Dear Baby M, thank you for being oh so very adorable yesterday, even when you were a little bit cranky. Auntie loves you and don't forget that. Also, don't listen to your daddy when he asks you why your "favorite" aunt hasn't visited. He's just trying to start trouble.

Dear Jackums, thank you for bringing Baby M into my life. I can just tell that we are going to be BFF's. I can wait to teach her crazy things to bug you with!

Dear Work, I know longer find you enjoyable or mentally challenging. In fact, I'm pretty effing bored. And while I enjoy the extra time to eff off, at some point in the week I would like to actually feel like I EARN my paycheck. With that being said... give me a raise and I will stop complaining.

Dear Veronica Mars, why are you so addicting? I have to watch you EVERY day. You're lucky that Big A thinks you're cute because otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to watch you as much. I just have one request... can you be real and I be your crime solving partner? I wanna use crazy spy gear and look through people's e-mails.

Dear Blog, please re-design yourself. I am broke and have no blog designing skils. Ready? Go!

Dear New Followers, HEY! So happy that you could be here!

Alright peeps. That's it for today. I have about 5 more hours where I have to concentrate on pretending to work and then I need to break out my drinking shoes for Pickles' birthday celebration tonight.

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  1. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  2. Great idea for a post! I am visiting from Jenna's challenge. Please stop by my blog, and if you like, sign up to follow me.


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