Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guess Who's Back? Back again!

Alrighty ladies...

My goodness was yesterday a STRUGGLE.

BUT... I did get all of my shit successfully organized. Which I literally finished 1 minute before I was supposed to leave.

Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour!

Let's recap the weekend. Shall we?

So... Friday was nice. A little hang session with some buddies. I made it until about 11 and then my oldness kicked in and I wanted to go home.

Saturday though...oh Saturday.

We had a Graduation Party for a friend of ours who graduated from Law School!

JayP holds a special place in my heart. Purely for the fact that he saved my life from an over eager inebriated Troll who apparently had never heard of the phrase "Keep your hands to yourself". I was new to dating Big A back then and he wasn't there, but JayP had heard through the grape vine who I was. And since he was such good friends with Big A, I got tacked onto to that good fortune as well. So, needless to say that while I was figuring out how I was going to get this A-hole away from me without setting him off, JayP was getting in his face and then ultimately getting him kicked out of the bar.

I am SO happy for and proud of JayP. Law School is not easy thing and he rocked it. Check it out.

(Oh Snap! Look who learned how to edit pictures into a collage! BAM!)

1. My beautious MOH (J$) and I! 2. The Gang's all here (except Jules!) 3. Funny thing is that I had to hold Mr. Fresh's head for a picture earlier. Similarities? I think so. 4. Some of the best ladies I know. 5. Me and my future Lawyer! 6. Me, Pickles, and JayP himself!

After the Graduation, we went back to J$'s house. Things got real at that point. I apparently decided that we were all getting chocolate wasted. And chocolate wasted we I did. (I definitely made up for not drinking all week! Haha)

Then, Big A came... and I decided that we needed a photoshoot. He was cooperative, but as evidenced in the second picture...he wasn't too thrilled.

Lastly...since everyone and their mother has decided to do the 300 Ab Challenge then I decided to hop on the train. I mean seriously...I'm trying to do a fitness link-up and I'm too much of a baby to do it?

So, I started Friday. Took Saturday off due to lack of time (surprisingly not because I was slowly dying) and I did it Sunday and Monday. So, I've considered myself on Day 3. Thought it would be fun to do before and afters like Shannon and her Hubby!
Not SUPER awesome, but most definitely MUCH better than when I first started this journey. Blech!

Next..fitness goals for the week:

1. Go to the gym at least 3 times this week.
2. Take Mr. Fresh for at least 2 walks this week.
3. Do the 300 Ab Challenge EVERY day.
4. Drink more water. Drink less Diet Coke. (I've been DC free since Thursday! Woah!)
5. Stay within/around 1200 calories a day.
6. No drinking during the week.
7. Look into the exercise classes at the gym and try to go to one. (They haven't posted June's schedule and I'm a big scaredy cat, so this is a TRY. Next week is a DO)

I think that is good for the week.

Hope you enjoyed my uber long post, that I am sure more than made up for my silence yesterday. I know you missed me.

On another note... we I mailed out our wedding invitations on Saturday! I have received word from a few people that they have received them. (EEK!) So, if I can get some good pictures FINALLY (I'm struggling) I will hopefully be writing a post on that this week.

Alright lovers. Have a fabulous day! And don't forget your weekly fitness goals and to link-up with us for Foxy Friday!


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  1. Slim Shady, I love the collages! And your belly-section looks pretty good already. Are you like 6 ft tall? I am sooo not posting my befores until I have a 6-pack after going on. Or I'll just blaim it on being prego that stretched my mid-section to all hell. Aerobics classes are the best! I love going! It's way more fun than trying to talk myself out of 30 day abs (that ish is no fun).


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