Thursday, June 21, 2012 pictures

Apparently my lack of energy, effort, interest, etc. has transferred over to the blogosphere, because I JUST sat here for about a half an hour and tried to figure out what the hell to write about.

I mean...there's no wedding update... (still waiting for about 75 responses...send 'em back people!) It is the middle of the week so nothing exciting is going on... Big A and I didn't go bowling last night...(he HAD to go to Walmart and get a For Sale sign for a truck bed... HAD to...) And while I totally got bagged measuring my banana yesterday by my boss and had to explain what I was doing while my cheeks burned red (it was for MyFitnessPal it had the calories, but it was set up as small, medium, and large by inches!!!) I wasn't able to turn that into a whole post.

So....I decided to unload all of my pictures and show you what I have done.

Also...while my edits are totally lame...I am slowly but surely learning how to do shit in Picasa. Which means, that as soon as I get 5 seconds to sit down in front of my computer at home... I'm making Picasa my bitch.

Sunday Big A and I took a trip to BJ's. He got a membership through work and we had yet to have been. So we went. And what did I find there? Alcohol. But not just ANY alcohol. Beringers Pink Moscato. I love me some Beringers. So I bought it. And brought it over for Mama and I to try, with some fresh strawberries. Delish!

I found this gem online for N. We decided that she needed something plastic with a lid to prevent her from having some accidents whilst drinking. And then I decided I needed one too. Because how fluffing awesome is this!

After giving my father his Father's Day cards (pics are still on my comp at home...sorry Pops!) I realized that I am a bonehead and never gave my mother her MOTHER'S DAY CARDS! Yikes! So I went home, found them, and took a picture for her! She will get them someday...I hope.

For the first 3 days at the new building (and still getting used to my new hours) I would walk out to my car at 3:30 PM and realize that I parked my car like a drunk. Awesome. I felt really bad about myself and my parking abilities and hoped that Big A didn't somehow find out.

Until I came back from lunch with Mrs. C and saw this fine parking job. Then I didn't feel so bad. Haha. Nice job Asshat! You made my parking job look professional!

I have been having trouble with the temperature changes. It's like 50's-60's and then yesterday and today are wicked hot. Ridiculous. I was cold when I was leaving the house on Monday so I wore a 3/4 sleeve shirt (although it was a bomb ass Jimi Hendrix shirt...) and then proceeded to sweat my ass off outside all day. And came home with this mean farmer's tan.
This is going to look SUPER sweet in my strapless dress. Ug. Time to hit the tanning salon.

Proof that yesterday was hot as balls. Poor Big A works in an non air conditioned shop. I got a text from him yesterday afternoon with a picture of the thermostat saying it was100 degree with the caption "eff me" (although, if you know Big A, you know he didn't say "eff"). Poor guy! He put the AC in as soon as he got home last night.

And there you have it folks. Life this week.

We have a wedding on Saturday so hopefully I will have some good pics for you from that too. And hopefully I will remember to post them!!! Haha.

Don't forget Foxy Friday tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing!!!


  1. Ha ha Farmers Tan! Don't worry it will fad! I live with a farmers tan all year around as a farmer! Ryan's is worse then mine! It will fade and start to match your other worries! It's the tank top/v neck lines that are impossible to get rid of! Ah! xo

  2. First off, I am addicted to any Moscato wine! Second, love the mustache on your vehicle, haha!


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