Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So What! Wednesday

It's Hump Day friends! We have almost made it through the week.

I don't know about you, but that makes me want to mix up a large batch of good 'ole Sangria and drink it until I embarrass myself in front of my friends dog.

But I won't.

Instead... I will link up with the ever so fabulous Shannon for another So What! Wednesday!

And, I'm totally going to rip of Leah's idea and have a themed version this week.

This week is....

So What! Wednesday...
Here goes nothing... I'm saying So What! if...

* I have tried for 3 weeks and I still CAN NOT stand Dinosaur woman (DW). Seriously. She is the bane of my mother effing existence and I need her out of my life.

Her employee ID picture

* I felt bad for about .5 seconds when I posted this picture.

* I don't care if the copy machine is right behind my desk and the general public needs to use it. You are in my personal bubble and you need to back the eff up

There's about two feet of space between my chair and the copier.
Lucky me.

* I got sick and tired of DW and everybody else all up in my grill and using my stuff (and banging large piles of paper on my desk, book shelf, head, etc. to straighten them out) that I started piling random crap all around me. There is no logical sense as to why ANY of these items are there, but it had made my point so far.

Purse, blanket, box, coin bin. Ya know... the usual.

* I understand my job position, but I get super annoyed when people I don't work for ask me to make a million copies. And then act like they would do them if I really wanted them to. No bitch, I do not want you standing behind me for an hour asking me how the damn copy machine works. Let me do it, it will be faster that way and I won't have to make small talk.I

This took me 2 1/2 packages of paper and about an hour(ish) to do.
Sorry trees.

* The more people I meet the more anti-social I become. Seriously... I got enough friends. And I don't need to make any more. Well... at work. Those people don't drink with me so I have no use for them.

* I act like a tough guy with an "I don't give an eff" attitude, but got super excited when I chimed in with my un-asked for opinion and my boss not only loved it, but said I should speak up more often. (I'm not sure if he knows of the bag of worms that he just opened, but I am sure that he will find out soon enough)

* The only reason I am excited about our office moving is because the new place has a liquor license and a bunch of people my age outside smoking butts. I plan to not only make it acceptable to drink at work, but preferred. Once they see how much of a friendly drunk I am (most of the time) I'm sure it will be totally cool. (And on that note, I am looking for someone who will be available to drive me to and from work every day. Thanks)

* It took me 3 separate tries (and 6 holes in the wall) for me to put our coat rack back up. And I spent the entire time talking to myself and the wall, wondering why we couldn't get our shit together. 

Oh ya know... we like to keep our coats on the ground in the middle of the hallway.
Makes for easier access to them.

* That last one wasn't about work. I do what I want.

Alright... I'm getting a bit sassy and I am pretty sure that most of this already violates company policy, so I'm going to shut my big fat mouth now and actually go do some of what they over-pay me to do.

Head on over to Shannon's blog and link-up.

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  1. alright girl. We're going to make this work for you. A liquor license? Where do you work!?

    Can you put up any barriers? like scoot that bookcase over to give you more privacy? I bitch and complain about everything, and they've built me cube walls so high it's techinicaly a door-less office I sit in. keep being the squeaky wheel... it works!


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