Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Happy First Day of Summer Bishes!

Before I am sent into my 16  hour long meeting (at least it feels like that) I figured I was chime in for a little So What! Wednesday, created by the ever so fabulous Shannon!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I'm just not into work at all anymore. I mean, let's take all the bullshit out of the equation and I'm still not in it. I've got Summer fever! I should be outside working on my tan, drinking frozen drinks. Maybe someday.

* I check my mailbox DAILY for Response Cards and I used to go DAYS without checking the mail. Like, to the point where the post office made us go pick up our mail. (OK...not THAT bad, but that did happen once, but it was from the snow, not my laziness).

* I have majorly slacked on my diet/working out the past 3 days! And I FELT it yesterday. I felt absolutely disgusting.

* Despite the fact that I felt gross yesterday I STILL didn't go to the gym. I had time to go to the gym, or go grocery shopping. I figured what was the point in going to the gym if I didn't have healthy food to eat. Right?!

* I would rather stick an ice pick in my eye than go to this staff meeting. :)

* If Mrs. C hasn't had her baby yet and I'm getting impatient! COME OUT BABY C!!!

* I am SUPER amped at the thought of Big A and I going bowling for date night! I mean, there is a 90% chance that we won't go because our follow-through is HORRENDOUS but, that 10% is EXCITING! (Even though I know I am going to get my ass kicked and I will get payback for all of the gloating I do for being the undefeated champion in Mini Golf)

* I haven't played Words with Friends in DAYS. And I have like 7 games waiting for me. I'll get back into it... eventually.

* 8:00 AM is the saddest part of my day because that's when everyone else comes in and I no longer have the entire office to myself. Boooo!

Alright...I could stay here all day, but I have my super fun and exciting meeting that I have to go suffer through! Head on over to Shannon's blog and tell us what YOU are saying So What! to this week!


  1. I have an awful meeting today too, ugh!
    omg yes it's soooo hard to get back on the healthy eating thing after falling off the wagon. I was walking around Target last nigh barganing with myself on if I had coconut m&m's instead of dinner... would that be okay? But somehow I resisted, then this morning I was down another lb... yes! this weighing every day thing is totally getting me by until i get legit motivated again. OH! PS- I did 30 day abs for the 1st time since last Thursday and it wasn't as bad! Maybe taking breaks is a good thing!?

  2. Ah summer fever has hit me pretty hard too!

    It is definitely hard to get back into a diet/exercise plan after a few days of not. But remember- it's a new day!

  3. LOL..I agree with the summer fever 100%!!! I also am so bad at Words and was sick of feeling dumb because I lost so much I removed it an got an Interval timer app for my workouts instead!!!! Dont be to hard on yourself for falling off the workout wagon..everyone needs a break from time to time for SURE!!!



  4. I feel you on the slacking on workouts and diet! Last weekend was awful for me and I am definitely seeing the results of that this week. Oops! Back on track this week though so far! Hopefully I will have some type of result for Foxy Friday!

  5. bah ha ha ha! I use to totally check my mailbox obsessively too for response cards! After being a bride I've learnt to send my response card right away for a wedding becasue I know how much I looked forward to getting them! xo


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