Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Holy Moly.

It was quite the weekend. I didn't expect it to all be so busy, but it was.

And I was bad. Oh so very bad. I ate and drank like crap. Seriously... my dinner on Saturday? A plate full of nachos and 2 1/2 Watermelon Margaritas.

Pretty sure that isn't on my healthy eating plan.

I need to get my shit together. Because honestly... I feel like crap.

I haven't worked out since Saturday. I have filled my body with junk. Hmm... no wonder I woke up this morning wanted to yak and hide under my covers (obviously not at the same time...ewww).

And the worst part? I was feeling SO good. Seriously. Saturday and Sunday, I looked at myself in the mirror and FELT like I looked GOOD. Better than good. GREAT even.

Today? Yuck.

But... I just need to get back on the healthy train. AND I need to go food shopping... soooo....yeah. Apparently, I am going to the grocery store covered in sweat and looking like a hobo because it is right next door to my gym...and neither can be ignored today. BOOOO.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty good. Just spending time with friends. Hanging out. Nothing too crazy.

I took pictures from Father's Day, but guess who was the genius that put them on my home computer and then did nothing with them? Yeap. That would be this guy.

I also know that I promised invitations pictures. I can't get them to come out right. My camera is half-dead and sucks, so they are either wicked white because of the flash, or blurry beyond recognition. Maybe that could become a super cool artistic style real quick so I can stop feeling like a fool who can't take a decent picture. Maybe? Think about it.

I'm playing catch up since I was off yesterday, so I know that my content is lacking today. But I will be back tomorrow when hopefully my head stops spinning from everything I need to do.


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  1. girl... you and me both. I somehow gained 5 lbs this weekend. It's SLOWLY coming off but I am sooo not in the mood to do 30 day abs ever again. i haven't done them since last thurs. They make me suicidal. I know I HAVE to do them because I want amazing before & after pics.. but ugh. they make me hate my life. PS nachos + strawberry margarita = awesome dinner. why does deliciousness have to make us feel like crap?!?


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