Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Recap

Oh Em Gee People... I can't believe that the Fourth of July has already come and gone.

I think it should be a three day thing. Or at least be schedule on a Friday. But then we couldn't call it the 4th of July anymore.

Anyway, I had WAY too much fun yesterday.

Big A and I went over to Jackums and B-Ri's house. J$ and Ry Dizzle were there, along with N and J.

We drank. Sat out in the sun. Swam. Grilled. And apparently at one point there was a dance party in the pool where I explained how white girls dance.

Yeah. Let's just say we had A LOT of fun!

It was seriously an amazing day. I was so happy to be with some of the people that I love the most. Just hanging out. Relaxing. No drama. Just loving life.

It was just what the doctor ordered.

Now for some crappy cell phone pictures...

Not from yesterday, but this was my brother's birthday cake from Monday. I had the honor of decorating it. We had 3-0 candles, so all put together it said, "Happy Dirty 30 Cull-Dawg"

Big A FINALLY holding Baby M. It only took him two months to do it!
Sidenote: Happy 8 weeks Baby Girl!

Every year we forget how much Mr. Fresh HATES this holiday. Our neighbors were setting off fireworks. So he hid in the bathroom. Poor guy wouldn't even go outside to go to the bathroom.

Big A and I called it an early night. We had gone for ice cream and then I HAD to have some Macaroni & Cheese. Which made me feel like a flaming bag of dog poop, so it was lights out at like 10:30.

I should count my lucky stars that I got to go to sleep that early. Big A is on vacation for the next week and a half so I'm thinking there are going to be lots of late night and overtired mornings for me. Because lucky me gets to work. Ug.

Anywho, that's all I have for today. Super exciting I know.

Don't forget about Foxy Friday tomorrow. Bathing suit season is officially here!

Also... Rhian contact me for your "I Do" Show Crystals. I will pick a new winner tomorrow if I do not hear from you. People, make sure you have e-mail addresses hooked up to your accounts otherwise when you win cool stuff we can't find you!

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