Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy, Busy Night

Last night was a busy one in our household.

Let's talk about the fun stuff first.

I had been on the search for the perfect pair of shoes to wear to my bridal shower. And I was PICKY. They had to be the RIGHT shade of pink.

In fact, I dragged my poor Mom and J$ to a bunch of different places, tore through them, and then deemed them all not good enough. When in all reality, I had already found the perfect pair. I just wanted to find them, I didn't want to have to order them.

But, that apparently didn't work for me. So I had to order them. And pay extra for shipping to get them here in time. And yesterday, they arrived. And another fun purchase I HAD to have!

1. I had just gone outside to throw a load of laundry in the basement and when I came back in someone knocked on the door and said they had a package. I didn't see a truck and you can't see for shit in my hallway. Since I can't open the door without Mr. Fresh going crazy, I had to put him in the bedroom, but then I got nervous. So, I put a butcher knife right by the door just in case. Turns out he was legit, and a very nice man. Haha. At least I was prepared. 2. The shape the package was in left something to be desired. Thankfully nothing was breakable.3. I came across this dress in the Clearance section. Had to have it. Possible Rehearsal Dinner dress perhaps?4. The shoes! LOVE them! And cork is SO comfy to walk on. Seriously, I had cork shoes before and I could walk in them FOREVER. Of course, now that I said that my feet are going to kill me on Saturday.

And everything came to about $30-something even WITH shipping. This might be my new favorite store!

After that, Big A came home and we got down to business (no, not THAT business...sickos). With the Bridal Shower coming up, we needed somewhere to put everything until we move (which is hopefully sooner rather than later) and our loft was a MESS! We have a spiral staircase that goes up there, which was cool when we moved in, but you can't get stuff up and down easy and it is a pain in the ass. So we hardly ever go up there. Especially since it is a million degrees in the Summer. So, it just became where we threw all of our crap. So, we cleaned out all the junk we haven't touched in 2 1/2 years.
5. Before. Did you know there is a blow up mattress under there? 6. Before. 7. After. MUCH Better. 8. Oh, hey BED! 9. Nice & Neat. 10. Yep...that's the same as 5. I just noticed it and NO, I'm not fixing it. Took me forever to do THIS much! Haha.

We have been avoiding this task for MONTHS! And I am SO glad that we finally got it done. It took us about an hour and a half and we filled the back of Big A's truck up with junk. I thought it was going to be such a chore, especially since most of the stuff was mine, but I needed help.

Big A was awesome and we were like a well-oiled machine. I put all the junk in a pile. Then threw it down to him in the living room. And he parked his truck outside the window and then opened it and threw everything in the bed of the truck. It was perfect.

He comes up with some great ideas! Haha.

So, now it is nice and neat. There's still a lot of stuff up there, but at least we got rid of everything we don't want. When we move into a house, we can go through everything again and decide what will fit and what won't.

I found some cool stuff though I forgot about. A bunch of pictures from high school & college (I'll have to post some for you), my preschool graduation certificate...yep...that's a good 20 years old, a book that my grandfather and I wrote stories in when he moved back to Ireland (we would take turns writing a story, and then send it to each other...made the distance seem a little less far...god I miss him sometimes). It was cool to find stuff that I totally didn't even know I still had.

After that, we rewarded ourselves with some delicious tacos. And then we passed the eff out. You know it has been a long day when Big A is bugging ME to turn the TV off and it's only 11:00!!!

I have my hair trial tonight, so I should be posting pics tomorrow. And I don't think I've shown you make-up trial pics either, so I will do that tomorrow too.



  1. Wow! Great work! Crazy before and after pictures. Love the shoes too! Whats the store that you got them at? xo

  2. I love finding stuff that you forgot you had. We recently just did this too when we moved out of our apartment. I can't even tell you how much crap we got rid of. Love the shoes too! I love pink and they are just adorable! Can't wait to see your hair pics!

  3. hahahaha omg what store is it because 1- those shoes are FAB!!!! I mean fab x infinity!
    and 2- that dress looks AMAZING ON YOU! Look at your teensy little waist!

    And great method of throwing everything out the window into the truck, high-5 for team work!

    What a super productive night!


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